Style 60's clothes: fashion revolution

every decade of the last century had its own distinctive features in terms of fashion.And if the beginning of the XX century has gravitated to the long elegant dresses and expensive accessories, by mid-century skirts were getting shorter hairstyles - easier, and material - is cheaper.

truly revolutionary decade was the 1960s., Which occurred quite diverse events that changed the entire fashion industry.The emergence of a new standard model, achievements in the field of science and technology, the first manned space flight, the emergence of a new subculture to develop ideas of free love, peace and pacifism - all this has brought the style of 60's clothing new ideas, guidelines and principles.Today, designers continue to apply to the images of that time to replenish their collection echoes from the past.

main event, which became a reference point for fashion 60s, was the fact that the capital of fashion-industry relocated from Paris to London.Elegant French style was supplanted by English minimalism.

In place of the fashion for ladies held comes Clothing 60s, which quickly won the hearts of European youth.For the first time in the history of fashion is asking its young girls and boys.

appearance on the catwalks miniskirts became a real revolution!They were all without exception and successful ladies, and very young girls.However, the occurrence of this element of the wardrobe is also associated with youth.Designer Mary Quant from England, which is considered the inventor of the mini skirt, stressed that it is not dictated by fashion designers in the 60-ies., It made the common people."Actually, the mini-skirt, I have not invented, they came up with the girls on the streets," - says Mary.

to the things that were put youth and characterize the style of 60's clothing, also includes the huge glasses and a massive plastic jewelry.

emergence of mini-skirts necessitated the emergence of a new model that can adequately represent it: the old ideals of the curvaceous and slim waist does not fit.The new style icon was found - sixteen model Leslie Hornby, Twiggy, or (from the English. "Reed"), perfectly fit into the style of the 60s.The new image of a teenage girl, thin and angular, like all extraordinary.It Twiggy could add pop mini-skirts and huge ornaments, as well as to style false eyelashes and a haircut "a boy".

Another important episode that influenced the style of '60s clothes - the first manned flight into space.So there is a way of "Moon Girl" (Andre Kurrezha) and is actively being developed by designers space theme.Artificial materials come to the fore: nylon fabric with Lurex, polyester, vinyl, Lycra, crimplene."Cosmic" dress in the style of the 60s is not rumpled, just washed, dries quickly - really liked the young.The most popular has been the combination of mini-skirts and high patent leather boots with low heels.

other side of this turbulent time was the development of the hippie subculture, which enjoyed a vogue: only natural fabrics, welcome old things different styles handmade jewelry, faded jeans, long hair.Style 60s clothing these people undoubtedly influenced the fashion decade as a whole: the bright colors used throughout.

During these years, fashion-industry does not impose on anyone rigid rules and gave complete freedom of choice.So she fell in love and young people, who could freely experiment, to bring something of their own and thus "moving" mode.