A few tips that write in valentine

All the people look forward to this holiday as Valentine's Day.And all because someone did not want to get a long-awaited otkrytochku from a loved one?Especially this holiday coveted for people in love, which is an excellent opportunity to tell about their feelings are not face to face, and in his congratulatory letter.

main rule

If a person wants to know what to write in Valentine, it shall be the rule: write what comes to mind.After all, if someone is set on a certain person thinks about it, the words do come to mind.This is the day when you should not be ashamed and hide their feelings, about love in Valentine's Day decided to speak openly.And if there is some fear of being rejected or mocked, valentine can be sent anonymously.However, in this embodiment, there is a caveat: the recipient will never know who wrote those words to him.It is also important to remember the spelling.This message should not contain any errors.

submission form text

can say that the supply of text valentine can

be different.Thus, it can be prose, the cry of the human soul, which he pours a loved one in the form of conversation, describing feelings and emotions.You can also write a valentine love poems.Better, of course, if he is of his own, though not so beautiful.But do not be lazy and buy ready-made card with text, simply by subscribing below, from whom the message.It says only that the person in the long run anyway, like the message sent or not (and it most likely will not like).

about love right

If you want to understand what to write in Valentine, especially not what to think.About what to write in a love letter, if not love?Do not be afraid of these three simple words - I love you - because they can make happy every person on Earth.You can simply write the phrase beautiful handwriting and sign, from whom the message.No need to guess everyone will be pleased to get such a card here.

Hinting love

If the person still does not want to say the main phrase, we can say about their feelings indirectly.For example, you can use various epithets and beautiful phrases that will help a person to understand what exactly is at stake.The valentine you can talk about the positive aspects and advantages of the recipient.You can also say that the vast fortune just to be close to the destination or to be in the same room.It is also a good description of the emotions and feelings that arise when a number appears heartthrob human.The options, in fact, many, the main thing - to decide what I want to say the favorite or favorite.

friendly message

more what to write in Valentine?Such are the greeting cards can be sent not only to his loved ones, but also the friends and comrades, especially those who do not have the "second half".In this case, it made a huge wish for love, bright feelings and pleasant emotions.Why not please his friend and did not send him a friendly message?


We should understand what to write in the valentine girl.So, the message of the ladies should be decorated with a variety of synonyms, adjectives and beautiful words.It should not be ashamed, because the girls like it.If you have fear to tell the lady about her feelings, you can feel free to write about them indirectly, as if hinting woman still understand everything correctly.We must, of course, do not forget to point out that the girl is very beautiful, it is important for most women.


is written in valentine boy?Like any man, the guy can hardly understand ambiguous hints and unspoken phrase.So the stronger sex it is better to speak directly and without convolutions.There are feelings - tell them directly, if it is the message of a friend, and so it is necessary to speak without giving the boy false hopes.

famous phrase

If absolutely no idea what to write in Valentine, an assistant can afford to take a variety of well-known phrases.It may be aphorisms (which, by the way, is now quite a popular way to express their thoughts), lines from famous poems or songs.However, it is important to sustain the style of messages and data lines to say exactly what I want to convey to the recipient.


Analyzing humor that you can leave a valentine, with care, it is important in this case relate to the humor.Joke about such feelings simply bad and ugly.Also, do not send messages mocking (often practiced by the students), even as a joke, it can really hurt a person.Valentine's Day is not a holiday when you can mock the man.In this case it is better to wait for April 1st.

write or not?

Many people think that just to say about love - or too easy, as they say, is banal.However, it is not so.Three simple words want to hear everything, even if not from the mouth of a loved one.It's always a pleasure.Also, do not be afraid to write about their attitudes and feelings of the person who harbors no response emotions.Already a comment, you can make a huge step forward, and there, staring, and Cupid have mercy and give happiness to be with the beloved or lover.