Hair barrette - optimal solution without salon

Currently, hair barrette considered the best solution if you do not have time for salons, or very often necessary to carry out the change hairstyles.For example, today I want to walk with short hair, and the next day you may need hairstyle with long curls.In this case one can add his hands length and volume.Therefore, hair extension barrette is the only option that does not require special procedures and visits to showrooms, which for many is a real way out of the predicament.This method is quite convenient as it allows curl curls without damage.

the domestic market hair barrette were presented not so long ago, but managed to win high popularity among Russians.If you follow certain guidelines for the care of overhead strands, they can last for several years.Wash these locks is recommended not very often, otherwise they quickly become like straw.However, to make this action sometimes still necessary.For this poured into a bowl with lukewarm water.It added a special shampoo recommended by the manufactur

er.Further overhead strands are immersed into the solution for about ten minutes.Do not rub or carry out similar operations, to avoid damage to the product.

After washing hair barrette must pass the rinsing process, involving the usual mixing of cold water with the content of a tablespoon of conditioner.Thereafter, the drying naturally.Although you can use a hairdryer and include cold air.During the operation does not prohibit the use of ironing.Experts advise to observe temperature conditions (approximately 35 degrees).Combing curls best massage brushes made from natural materials.

are acquired hair barrette on one strand and immediately set.The first step is to determine the length.It happens so that very long curls do not look quite natural, as opposed to the shorter strands.Therefore, except for length, should be considered, and some other parameters.Of course, the best set of fly, since it involves carefully selected locks for different sections of the head.Many for maximum effect using optional accessories.This can be French hairpins or some rims.

purchasing overhead strands, it is necessary to ask the consultant about how to mount them.Doing this with his own hands a few times, you can safely use the product.Of course, initially these hairs are more expensive than traditional building procedure.However, in any case justify themselves over time.In addition, after building their own hair at the roots become brittle and much awry.Curls on the pin, as a rule, be removed for the night, so that the natural hair care and get rest.