Arab makeup: the temptation to reveal the secret of the eastern

Secret magnetic beauty of oriental women is their mesmerizing and captivates the eyes.Arab beauty perfectly grasped the art of temptation.How to look expressive and passionate, with the enigmatic and mysterious?

Arabic makeup focuses primarily on the eye, leaving the lips almost invisible.It eyes attract attention, they should be burning, bright, almost withering.Black and pearlescent colors - that's the secret of mystical charm.

This makeup without exaggeration stunning.However, we must remember that it must be appropriate and in accordance with conditions and events.It is suitable for ceremonies, special romantic date, incendiary theme parties.But as an everyday use it is unacceptable, at least if you live in the West.

Arabic makeup is not possible without first correcting the complexion.To do this, you first need to apply all the rules of tone and powder.

Never apply a meyap at the slightest redness of the skin, which would negate all the efforts to create an image.The skin must be perfect col

or and texture.With light skin need to give preference to creams shades of ivory, with a dark - saturated tones, but no gold or bronze, which in this case will not fit.Better to choose a cream with matte effect.

Arabic eye makeup begins with the stroke.She has to be issyanya-black, which imparts a dazzling expression and forming a perfect eye contour.For eyeliner is better to take the liquid agent.With its help, almond-shaped eyes give: are the upper and lower direction.

Shadows can be selected and dull, but for the classic oriental make-up still more typical pearl.Shades for the application may be several, not necessarily limited to one.Many colors - again this is a more traditional option.

color palette of shadows by natural eye color.For blue and green are best suited silver, purple, gold, pink;for brown and gray - blue, yellow, brown, green, red.Arabic Makeup for brown eyes - this is the best.Oriental Beauty mainly just such peculiar eyes color, so the details of the make-up worked out to the smallest detail.

Shadows applied thick brush is very thick on the entire surface of the first mid-century and then brought up to the eyebrows.Under the lower lashes shadows held the line throughout the length of the century.

When selecting shadows can be dispensed from the European classical scheme compatibility.If you are brave enough, choose a bright shade of different colors if modest - take one shade brighter, and the second - a calm, neutral.One of the colors with arrows must "wrap" the eyes, and the second - to shade it.First superimposed shadows that you have chosen as the second color (the base) and a shaded eyebrows up.Then, the first color is applied to the mobile eyelid.

very important detail - the eyebrows.They are, in fact, basically set the tone and make-up, forming a glance.The line of the eyebrows must be absolutely clear, their contour certainly stands out a pencil and even closer to the elongated nose.

Blush is necessary to select the most pale, soft, even desirable - natural tan color.You can do without them.

Eyelashes must be as lush and thick.To this should be applied on the top few layers of the carcass.Lower enough to paint over once to emphasize the contrast with the upper.

Lipstick for this type of make-up is chosen almost neutral, perhaps only a tone different from the natural color of the lips.Moreover, preference is given to tones lighter than the color of the lips.

Arabic makeup - it's not just cosmetics.There can not do without additions as rhinestones, sequins, beads and stones.They can be glued on the eyelids, hair or clothing.

need to add an image and using the appropriate spirits - with sweet intoxicating aroma.

choosing a similar technique makeup, make sure that your hands are perfect and always with a bright and catchy manicure.The special charm of novelty is capable to give a tattoo henna.

All Brazil has to be mysterious and seductive.Take the time to ensure that everything was perfect.