Bright make-up for summer parties and more.

Rich palette of shades prevails in the make-up is not the first season.Make-up artists and stylists offer a variety of images to create them bright make-up could not be more appropriate.However, we note that we are talking about fashion catwalk, instead of daily life.In daylight, intense colors look out of place and somewhat vulgar.It is one thing - to use a saturated shade of blush and purple disco and quite another - to go to this war paint for study or office.

However, in some cases, allowed violations of generally accepted stereotypes.
has always been that of the bride make-up should be as natural.Gentle make-up perfectly with the light tones of the traditional wedding dresses.But modern bride today are increasingly choosing dynamic, rich colors.In this case, a bright make-up is justified, as it creates a harmonious way.

makeup must be suitable to your clothes and meet the circumstances.It is a truism, but that assertion does not become less important.
Any bright spot, including make-up, should

be stylistically justified.If
saturated color outfit, pick him a intense shade of lipstick or shadows.That's right - one or the other.It is no less well-known rule is complemented by a bright eye makeup bright lips, and vice versa, to bright shade of lipstick is best to choose a la naturel.A small addition - Today lipstick and nail polish one shade in fashion again.To be a trend, certainly buy a matching pair.However, no one obliges you to use your fingers to paint, can make manicure matching lipstick.

stylists with good reason believe that the intense palette of shades of make-up - a lot of young ladies.Middle-aged ladies need to be more restrained.In this they are right, because the bright colors of lipstick, blush and shadow emphasize the age-related changes.Even if you like bright clothes and kept the perfect skin tone, from trendy purple, violet, turquoise and lemon shades of shadows and lipsticks should be abandoned.Mature beauty requires a more sophisticated frame.Also do not forget about the "classics of the genre" - the color of red wine, ruby, emerald, onyx.From these subtle shades, you can easily create a catchy makeup, fashionable and attractive.

I would like to add that the most appropriate bright makeup for brown eyes and dark hair, but light-skinned blonde with saturated colors need to be more careful.

girl with blond hair and gray or blue eyes do not suit purple, maroon and deep purple hues.They face a palette of azure, green and purple.Lipstick may well be candy pink, but the shadow of the shade for blondes are not suitable.The face will look like tears.

Red-haired ladies, especially with green eyes suitable shade of color emerald, orange, gold.Lipstick shades of coral complement a vivid image.
Note that the make-up, which includes almost all the shades of the rainbow, the strength to perform a professional.By creating their own make-up, use no more than three color pencil and eyeshadow.

Fair Keira Knightley very effectively underlines the chocolate color of his eyes with a pencil color "aqua".The stylish, bright makeup of Hollywood stars as follows.The upper and lower eyelids summed pencil turquoise line arrow while lightly shaded, and the outer corner of the eye is painted completely.Shadows of light beige are applied only on the mobile eyelid.Lipstick saturated lilac shade completes the image.By the way, this summer make-up can be used as a daily, if we replace the lipstick gloss beige.