Cream at home

Making creams at home - a double-edged sword.On the one hand, all the ingredients are natural and eco-friendly, there are no chemicals, you know exactly what to put and what not.On the other hand, to prepare the cream at home, you need to carefully select the components to suit the type of your skin (and the components of these can be quite expensive because of its exoticism).Furthermore, the final product may simply not turn from the first time;whether you are hard enough to achieve a good result?But even if you cook cream at home, you may find that it cost ... more expensive than the store.Even in domestic creams have such a property that they are stored for long, as well as any product made from natural ingredients.

So, to prepare the cream at home, you will need the following tools: a small mixer and syringe (to accurately measure the right amount of ingredients).Component parts can be purchased in grocery stores and in specialized cosmetics stores that sell cosmetics in bulk.Commonly used egg yol

k, vegetable oils (sunflower, olive), honey, beeswax, pulp of various fruits and vegetables.

How to cook the cream at home?Algorithm cooking cream is always the same.Please carefully consider all the components parts.A piece of wax must be cut very sharp blade.Then, in a stainless steel or glass mix the wax with a vegetable oil, honey, glycerin or lanolin.In another container, pour the flower water or herbal infusions.Then type in the pan a little hot water and put it into two bowls.It is important to continuously stir the oil with wax, as long as they do not mingle.Once the wax is completely dissolve, remove the pan from the heat.Gradually add the oil mixture of tincture of herbs, whisking the liquid mixer on low speed or whisk.When you thoroughly mixed infusion of herbs with oil mixture should stop beating.After whipping cream, add the essential oils, and then place the cream in a jar or a few jars.Containers with cream store in refrigerator or other cool place for hardening.Ready cream must also be stored in a cool place, be it home or cream shop cream.

Now consider the specific recipes.You can make a protective hand cream at home.You will need 50 grams of beeswax, 100 ml of vegetable oil, if desired - a couple of drops of essential oil for fragrance.The wax must be melted in a water bath, then add butter, mix the ingredients thoroughly and cool.This cream is well used to working in the garden or the garden, when washing dishes and working in which the hand in contact with the water.

How to make body lotion at home?The best option is for the body cream is cream with propolis.It should be noted that propolis has healing properties.It has antimicrobial and healing effect.In addition, it helps to restore normal operation, and cells and tissues of the body.To prepare propolisovy cream must first cook cream base 16 g of wax, 50 grams of paraffin oil, 1 gram of sodium tetraborate and 33 ml of distilled water.Wax dissolve in a water bath, sodium tetraborate dissolve in hot water and pour in a mixture of wax and oil.This mixture is necessary to stir until it cools and solidifies.Take 30 grams of the base (about three tablespoons) and melt it in a water bath.Then it should be a little cool and add to it 2 or 3 teaspoons of ten percent alcohol tincture of propolis.Again cool, without ceasing to stir.This cream is stored for a long time, the main thing to keep it in a dry and cool place.