Choosing the right eyeliner

Eyes - mirror of the soul, and they need the appropriate framing.Bright eyes attract the attention, excite and attract the glances.Ever since this part of the face of Cleopatra skillfully and densely decorated with exquisite color stains.In our time, this trend remains valid: to be able beautifully to "draw" the eyes - is an art.Choose color, select the means to guess the mood.Still eyeliner remains the leader of the means used to create a "deep look".The cosmetic industry offers them a great set and great diversity.When choosing a tool should first decide on the ultimate goal.

emphasize the depth and make the look more expressive possible through sustainable pencil mucous century.It is not erased, not smeared and permanently retain the desired effect.Such eyeliners, are generally more solid and provide a clear line.

Create mysterious and sexy image of confident woman possible with a soft and well-shaded eyeliner Kohl.Often, cosmetic companies produce them with a brush or sponzhikom.The line tu

rns fuzzy, slightly blurred, which allows you to create the famous view of languishing.

Eyeliner white suit to give the look radiant, make it open and radiant.To create this effect, you need to draw a line on the mucosa of the lower eyelid and gently highlight the inner corner of the eye.

Waterproof pencils all colors will not fail in times of passions and maintain circuits in damp conditions.

Often the question arises: what to choose - wood or a mechanical pencil.The issue here is not just personal preferences, such crayons have a tangible difference.

  • mechanical eyeliner is much more convenient to his brother: it does not require sharpening and are always ready to create a clear and smooth line;
  • wooden pencils have are considered antiseptic properties, which is important factor when working with lids;
  • Made of solid wood pencil-eyeliner is much more durable and reliable than a mechanical analogue.

As for the line thickness, or ease of shading, the difference between mechanical and wooden pencil there is almost no.Today, cosmetics manufacturers offer a variety of options.

When choosing a color pencil, first of all, you need to focus on eye color, skin tone and hair.In most cases, it should also be guided on the situation to be made by the makeup.

a special suit with brown eyes and black pencil coffee, green-eyed young ladies with copper hair - shades of green and gray, blond with light eyes - gray or aqua.

Perform eye makeup pencil color should be chosen, focusing on the shape of the eye.

Small eyes can visually enlarge, slightly lifting and feathered arrows along the outer edge of the upper eyelid.Girls with small eyes should be noted that the make-up pencil darker tones on the lower eyelid can visually make the eyes less.The distance between the close-set eyes, you can visually enlarge, using simple method: the arrow on the upper eyelid is better to draw on its middle, slightly lifting the tip of the edge of the eyelashes.White pencil can be cut around the inside edge of the century.For wide-set eyes make-up artists offer you the following: the upper edge of the arrow must coincide with the edge of the lash, while the lower eyelid should start to fail in the middle, just extend the line beyond the outer edge.

To learn how to make the perfect makeup using the eyeliner, just need practice, the desire to experiment and a modicum of patience!