Makeup for Asian Eyes

Asian eyes have an amazing beauty - they are simultaneously seductive and mysterious.These women are able to subdue a man with one eye only.But Asians have to know how to use a variety of techniques to make expressive eyes, as they are very narrow with overhanging eyelids.

must be remembered that the right make-up for the Asian eye is able to adjust the shape of the face while visually increase eye sight becomes more open and light, highlights a unique exotic beauty section "mirror of the soul."Owners of Eye liner should be used, and bold color.Generally, Asian women have a rather narrow eyes, so with makeup they need to be increased.

Asian women have unique features - a pronounced form of the cheekbones, lips very beautiful shape, sparse and short lashes impending upper eyelid (creating the effect of "heavy" look and swelling), narrow and slanted shape of the eyes, complexion slightly yellow.

few basic tips: how to properly perform a makeup for Asian eyes:

  • first you need to purchase false ey
    elashes to give your look a little bit of mystery;
  • makeup should be used only watertight, thanks to which the opinion is becoming more open.This removed the line of the upper eyelid, because of what may be smeared eyeliner;
  • purchase special tweezers for twisting eyelashes;
  • regularly look after the eyebrows, which should always have a perfect shape;
  • to make the face softer, can slightly lighten eyebrows.

Due to the existence of various cosmetic companies, you have the unique opportunity almost every day to change your image.This can help you a special technique, which is performed for the Asian eye makeup.If you decide to try a new image, then you can become, for example, the heroine, anime, geisha, Japanese woman.And if you are not afraid to experiment, you can think of other images that are suitable for Asian facial features.

With makeup, you can visually change your eye shape.You need to use light shades of shadows as a base when it is not necessary to abandon the white.Take the black (waterproof) eyeliner and draw the thinnest line on the movable century, with a slightly curved tip should be up "arrow."A "arrow" on the lower eyelid on the contrary should be lowered a little bit down.Between the two tips of the arrows you should form a small distance to be slightly whiten using light shadows.

very important in Eastern and Asian makeup play it hands - they only need to draw on the growth of eyelashes and slightly bend the tip.Inland century it is necessary to carry out a soft pencil gray.If you have almond-shaped eyes, then the makeup for Asian eyes are better performed using a light pencil.A little paint the upper lashes, but do not make them the main focus, as it can visually enlarge your eyes.However, remember that you have to be perfectly straight eyebrow - if they are curved, while the Asian make-up you'll get unnatural and ridiculous.

If you decide to do make-up in the style of anime (which is perfect for parties, disco or nightclub), then you will need the shade a few shades of neon.It is important that between them there was no abrupt changes, and hence must be carefully shade shadow.Basically geisha perform makeup Asian eyes with bright pink shades shadows or coal.It is not necessary to supplement the image of Japanese in other shades of shadow, because the eyes will look too provocative, because the main focus is using the "shooter."Mascara should be applied in several layers on the upper and lower lashes.To the eyes become more expressive, use special tweezers for eyelashes.