Base makeup.

Today cosmetics sold in stores is a huge variety of tools, it is no wonder that they become confused.For example, for sure many have heard that there is a foundation or base for make-up, but not everyone knows what this means and how they should be used.

First of all, it should be noted that the main purpose of the foundations for cosmetics - is to prepare the skin for the application of cosmetics and the protection of their erasure and smearing.Therefore, be sure to use the base to create a make-up, which should hold out as long as possible, for example, the bride's wedding image.But the application will create a database and a daily make-up, as the cosmetics on top of the foundations falls better.

Many cosmetic foundations containing nutrients for the skin - moisturizes, softens and nutritional supplements, but we must remember that the base for make-up - it's not an escape, it is only applied on top of the usual cream that you use for face and eyelids.

There are many types of cosmetic bases.For

example, the base makeup for the face is applied prior to application of the tone means.The task of the foundations - to create the most level surface of the skin, making foundation perfectly distributed.Using a database to hide the roughness of the skin after acne or fine lines.

To align face tone color base there.For example, to remove the redness is recommended based on green tone, yellow complexion adjusted basic means of lilac and blue tones can hide the orange color of tanned skin.

There are bases, makes skin glow, they contain tiny shimmering particles.However, their use should be aware of the measure, since the basic tools with high gloss applied to the entire face, can create the effect of fat shiny skin.

But if the skin is oily by nature, and it can be seen enlarged pores and helps makeup base with a matte effect.If you have dry skin better to choose a moisturizing foundation.And in the summer you should use a sunscreen agent, especially if your's Skin Care does not contain the filters.

Apply base on face with his hands, it is important to give the facility time to absorb, or when applying foundation, it will roll down.

basis should be applied on the eyelids before applying the shadow.It is often women complain that even high-quality shadows roll, crumble, and made the morning make-up of eyes rarely keeps perfection in the evening.To help solve this problem will be able to base under makeup.Reviews of women using these funds tend to be only positive.Shadows are not smeared, their color is maintained throughout the day.

used under the shade of base for the face is not recommended, as the skin around the eyes is very thin and it is important to prevent it from drying out.When you use bases shade lighter shaded and smooth lie.The basic means for ever more convenient to apply with a brush.Then, after the cream is absorbed, the shade can be applied as usual.

There are basics that is applied to the eyelashes and eyebrows, before painting them in ink.These funds are added to the volume of your lashes, and mascara goes smoother and lasts longer than without the use of base facilities.Some sample databases contain components to strengthen and improve the condition of lashes.

And, of course, make-up artists are at the disposal of the basis for application to the lips.Such a base for make-up is used to align the surface to lay lipstick or shine better.Some products contain ingredients that care for the skin of the lips and even temporarily increase their volume.

Basis Lip is available in jars, it must be applied with a brush or as stickers or pencils, then the means can be applied directly from the bottle.