Casual makeup Secrets of winning preferences and technology

Like any makeup, everyday applied basic "tools" available to every modern woman's purse: lipstick, tonal basis, mascara and shadow.Sometimes it takes and dust, and podvodochny pencil and rouge.

Daily makeup is certainly different from the other evening, but what these differences are, we shall understand on the details of which develops and beautiful everyday makeup.What lipstick to use?Or shine?How to make up for the daily eye makeup?Without what you can do, and what to emphasize?The answers to these questions can help a woman to create a unique, does not cause, but an attractive appearance for every day.


According to the rules of modern make-up emphasis should be placed either in front of or on the lips.But since we are talking about the make-up every day, bright lipstick color is not relevant.In the words of the heroine of the series about fashion: "She does not have to shine before noon."Therefore preferable to use gloss, lipstick, even light shades gives the lips more expressive c


Pale pink, delicate red, light brown, beige - the color of lipstick or gloss appearance must comply with: business woman, pretty girl - depends on where you spend hours each day everyday (in the office, in the study).

Tone Cream

«Enables" Do everyday make use of foundation and powder?Yes, if the situation requires it (skin tone does not look smooth).Nothing is more valued in a woman as the healthy appearance of skin.Of course, the extra layer of makeup on her face every day is not relevant.Not only because the heavier form, but also due to the fact that clog the pores.Particularly unpleasant consequences of this summer, in very hot days.But among modern cosmetics can select weightless cream, "breathing" and hardly noticeable.

Eye Makeup

Most modern ladies prefer to focus due to mascara, eyeliner instead.It fits just what we needed to create an image of a cute girl.A business daily make-up is done with the emphasis still on the eyes due to the liner and shadow.And if in the case of evening or wedding makeup shade of stacked layers of different colors, then the business is welcome, only one color in several shades (preferably light and not too different from each other, in any case, not dark).You can use the shade in the following colors: light and dark brown, milky, ivory and lighter colors.

Lightest shade is applied to the inner corner of the eye and under the brow, darker - the appearance.The transition from light to darker shades should be as soft.

If you are using a pencil, do not let the whole eye, only the edge line of the eyes or completely except for internal corners.Only a thin line directly at the site of the lash.

And finally mascara: Lengthening or gives volume, but do not focus on the eyelashes, only the eyes themselves!Otherwise, you will not be taken seriously.


For the same reason blush quite acceptable, but only a soft, natural color (like sunburn).


eyebrows - the most expressive area of ​​a woman's face (unless you do not have light brown).They are primarily striking others.Therefore, everyday or evening make-up - it does not matter, eyebrows should always look well-groomed, neat and symmetrical.To highlight the eyebrows can be used and shadows, and podvodochny pencil one shade darker than the natural hair color.

Now consider the complete image obtained everyday makeup.It is neat, well-groomed, and gave the impression of restraint, is unique and attractive.And most importantly, it corresponds to the wardrobe.This appearance allows the modern woman look great every day and achieve their goals.