Light make-up

Many models appear on the catwalk with a very bright makeup.And then we ask ourselves, why are women's issues in the magazines we read articles that recommend the natural and light make-up?Yes, because now it is very fashionable and relevant.Many people think that to make it in the cellar.But to put it very difficult.You need to possess the ability and, of course, skill.To make such a make-up, you must use some rules.It should be noted that daily make-up is much more difficult to make than a bright catwalk.

If the girls do light make-up quickly and carelessly, they are very wrong.It's a very difficult job - you need to choose the right colors, you need to pay attention to appearance, clothing, and many other little things.It is very difficult to shade the face makeup, which caused.To do it correctly, you need to have certain knowledge and skills.Perfect appearance will be the result of this work.

How to make a light make-up?

In the natural make-up must be available not only to natural colors, an

d a combination of color shades.To the image was soft, the color should be transparent texture.If the skin has imperfections such as pimples or redness before you apply the tone, you need to mask their corrector, which contains light-reflecting particles.There concealer for dark circles, which also has a light-reflecting particles.They can also take advantage of the presence of dark circles under the eyes.It should be applied only to cleansed and moisturized skin.To avoid the effect of spots, it is necessary to shade the place of application of the tool.If the texture of the skin is oily, it is recommended that powder puff.

Eyes are most suitable crisp shadows - they are easily shaded, and this is very important: make-up shades are more transparent and natural.For easy makeup most suitable natural colors such as gold, beige or brownish.In summer you can also use the liquid shadows.Using a light eye makeup, do not need to apply a stroke, because you can lose lightness.Emphasize your eyes, you can use the shadows of dark shades.This can apply special fine brush.This type of makeup will not do heavy lashes.Mascara is best to use a brown or gray.

As you know, the shade is necessary to put a thin layer, it does not protrude beyond the crease, then they need to be carefully shaded.For a more natural tone, shadows can be applied with the fingers, if you have those skills.If more than one color, effectively will distribute them as follows: lighter - on the inner corners of the eyes, on the outer corners - darker.Ink must be applied at the end and only one layer.Then the lashes can be gently spread a special comb.

If a light make-up, then apply blush is not recommended.But if there is a need to allocate cheekbones, you can use a very small number of them.Feather they can with the help of sponges.

Lips need to use soft colors of lipsticks or gloss only.Choosing the color of the lips, we must remember that it must be approached to the natural.It is best to choose shades like their natural color, but darker than one tone.You can use peach, pink or caramel-colored lipstick.The contour of the lips, in this case it is not necessary to allocate.You can label them a little flare lipstick.It will look more natural and beautiful.

So, creating a gentle light makeup, you need to consider a few things: it should be applied only to cleansed and moisturized skin.Makeup should help to protect skin from the sun and have a light texture.Finally, the image will turn out softer and more natural, to use as little lipstick and shadows.