Acne - the main enemy of Youth

Acne is one of the main indicators of oily skin, and they appear not only on the face, but also on the back, shoulders and chest.They are formed when the cluster subcutaneous fat, clogged pores.The cause of acne may be hormonal imbalance, poor diet or poor skin care.

primarily to prevent the occurrence of acne should pay attention to your diet.If you have problem skin, try to give up the spicy, salty, supersaturated in protein and fatty foods.Also, limit your consumption of sweets, carbonated drinks and alcohol.

In many cases, completely get rid of acne can help a doctor.But there are common rules, following which you will be able to get rid of acne.

First of all, enjoy a cleansing of the skin, but do not apply for it scrubs, peels and products containing alcohol.Since they can trigger inflammation of the skin and its excessive drying.

Also, do not squeeze pimples too often.This can be done at most once a week.Before removing acne rasparte face by applying a gauze or cloth moistened with hot wate

r.Instead of water, better to use a decoction of chamomile.Besides face and hands should be completely clean.Gently squeeze acne, treat inflammatory skin lotion or other similar means.

If the facial skin oily, in addition to pimples and acne on her often appear black spots that bring a lot of inconvenience.Get rid of them, you can use lemon juice, which should be cleaned problem areas.The same can be used as an egg white.Beat it and apply to areas with black dots, and seven minutes rinse with warm water.

can get rid of acne using folk remedies.Here are some of them:
Yeast mask.A little beer yeast dissolve in warm milk.Put a couple of drops of lemon juice.Let stand for half an hour, apply an even layer of the mask on the face.Twenty minutes later, the mask can be washed off.It is better to use this method during the course of the week, and then make a two-week break to repeat the course.

mask dries.To prepare three tablespoons of white clay powder, mix with a spoon of tincture of calendula, add a little lemon juice and mix everything carefully.The mask is put on the problem areas, and in twenty minutes, remove with a dry cotton swab.

Aloe.Freshly cut leaves of the aloe wrap in paper and leave in the refrigerator for seven days, then squeeze the juice from them and wipe them places of occurrence of acne twice a day, every day.

garlic juice.It has excellent antibacterial activity and stimulates blood circulation.The most effective use of garlic as a poultice.To do this, grind it and wrap it in cheesecloth.Cheesecloth with the garlic must be applied to the problem areas after brushing the skin with vegetable oil.Top to put gauze soaked in hot water.Keep poultice should be to cool gauze.

Potato juice.Squeezed from fresh potato juice has proved itself as a soothing anti-inflammatory agent.They need to wipe the skin several times a day.Instead of potato can be used pumpkin juice.

Pimples on the shoulders or back can be treated with a saturated solution of potassium permanganate.To do this, put it on freshly washed skin.Use this method only possible in the field of closed clothing as after use of potassium permanganate on the skin for a few days may be dark brown spots.