How to Prevent and Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Any expectant mother during pregnancy is exposed to a lot of fears.One of them - the loss of beauty, primarily associated with the possible formation of stretch marks on the skin.Their appearance is every woman gives a lot of grief.These strips are not even decorate the magnificent figure, it is difficult to fight against them folk remedies or special creams.Even tan stays on the white stripes on the abdomen and thighs and can not disguise them.Therefore, all women concerned about how to get rid of stretch marks.

main victims are women stretch marks.Various causes: obesity, pregnancy, puberty, hormonal treatment means provoke breach of hormonal levels.Such changes lead to a change in skin thickness, which in some places becomes very thin.Inside the tissue of the skin torn elastin fibers and collagen, these gaps zarubtsovyvayutsya and takes their replacement by connective tissue.The people called this tissue and stretch marks.Practically it scars, but they are located within the skin, rather than on it

s surface.

Although health risks are not stretching, almost all women are concerned about how to remove stretch marks.First of all, any woman, especially if she is planning to dramatically lose weight or get pregnant, trying to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the body.To this end, the skin of the breast and abdomen applied special cosmetics.It is believed that if they contain extracts of horse chestnut, chamomile, tea tree oil or other natural oils, such a tool helps improve skin elasticity and prevent it from hyperextension.Is it really?

Many famous cases suggest that stretching occurred in women who have tried all the ways to prevent them.And at the same time, women who have not thought about saving his skin, even after the birth of several children had on his body no stretch marks and did not ask se6e question how to get rid of stretch marks.Important role played by the individual capabilities of the organism and genetic predisposition.If your mother and grandmother appeared stretch marks after pregnancy, then surely they will you.

Whatever it was, stretching themselves do not disappear, and so you need to think about how to remove stretch marks.One effective way to combat them is peeling.By exfoliating the top layer of skin, the surface is leveled and accelerated development within the elastin and collagen.When peeling due to stress, which is experiencing skin begins with a vengeance development of biologically active substances.The deeper the peel is done, the faster the upgrade, but the body is under more stress.To find out how to get rid of stretch marks using a peeling, it is necessary to determine what type of peel you more fit, since any peeling, even a superficial mechanical injure your skin.A chemical peels and laser types cause skin deeper injury.

Another way to determine how to get rid of stretch marks - mesotherapy.This microinjection holding special cocktails under the skin in areas of stretch marks.The exact composition of cocktails for injection is selected strictly individually.However, mesotherapy is not, as a rule, independent procedure, and it often is used to peel or after.The required number of procedures is selected depending on the number of stretch marks and age of the woman.It usually takes 5 to 15 injections over 10 days.Small and fresh stretch marks can be removed with the help of seaweed, which are applied to the body in the form of slurry and the patient for 30-60 minutes wrapped in a thermal blanket.In order to achieve the result is usually enough for 6 to 12 procedures.The most crucial and effective way to remove stretch marks - a plastic surgery, but it is quite a serious interference with a woman's body, in which a variety of possible complications.