How to Properly plucking eyebrows?

eyes, ignoring the mirror of the soul, after all, are not the most expressive part of the face.Expression face give eyebrows.On the face it affects not only the shape of eyebrows, thickness, width, and even color.Fashion this as an expressive part of the face through the centuries constantly changing - that were in fashion wide bushy eyebrows, and had their shoe polish, they are plucked, making a thread.

With brow can visually change the shape of the face.For a rectangular face more suitable eyebrows having an average width, and for a person having a heart shape, best suited are thin, with a slight bend.If a round face, the brow should be straight, slightly cocked down.Square and pear face fit is not too thick arched eyebrows, turning into an elongated thin line.Eyebrows should be a natural bent, wide apart, a little lighter, and have a clean eyelash line.

When eyebrows plucked wrong or just neuhozheny, they spoil all impression.If you do not know how to pluck eyebrows, or have never done this, it

is better to address for the first time in a beauty salon, where you will model not only form, but also tell us how to properly paint the eyebrows.Change the color of the eyebrows may be resistant paint that lasts a few weeks, and every day you can paint on them in ink or pencil.Not everyone knows how to paint the eyebrows pencil.In the right places need to draw a little dash parallel growth of hair and comb brush.So shaded stripes and become almost invisible.

shape of eyebrows need to constantly adjust, plucking, as appropriate, excess hair.But how to tweeze her eyebrows?Before you make beautiful eyebrows to relieve painful procedure tridinga can be a few minutes to put on his eyebrows, soaked in hot water and wrung out cotton pads to enlarged pores and hairs easier to pull out.To avoid swelling and redness after the procedure, it is necessary to process the eyebrows and the skin around them ice cubes, made from broth soothing herbs - chamomile, sage, or just put cotton swabs soaked in cold water.Besides the effect of freezing can be lubricated eyebrow anesthetic.It is best to carry out triding after a bath or shower.

tridinga need for large mirror to see themselves through the eyes of two, tweezers and disinfecting lotion.Hold the correction should be in daylight or good lighting.Before how to tweeze eyebrows, treat the skin around them and tweezers lotion.

To hair is not broken off, grab it gently with tweezers at the root and not too sharp pull on the growth of the hair, holding his free hand skin.To eyebrows were symmetrical, you need to pull out a few hairs and eyebrows constantly compare to each other.You need to pull out from the bottom, starting from the inner corner of the eye and moving to the outside.To break the upper limit of the eyebrows are not recommended, as it can change facial expressions.You can trim the long hair scissors, but you can not shave their eyebrows as hairs grow quickly, become stiff.

Now we know how to pluck eyebrows.But how to make beautiful eyebrows - for this there are certain rules and laws.

classic shape of the eyebrows is determined by three lines that you want to spend on your face to determine the beginning and end of the eyebrows, as well as determining the point of maximum bending.The first line connects the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye and is extended up to the eyebrows, defining the beginning.Hairs that go beyond the line towards the bridge - removed.The second line connects the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the eye.At the point of intersection with the eyebrow is the point that defines the end of it.Mark hairs beyond the point - just removed.If your eyebrow does not reach this point, it should be dorisovyvat under makeup.The third line runs from the wing of the nose through the iris right eye of the beholder.The point of intersection is the place most of the bend.After bending an eyebrow thins.