Tone Cream for oily skin: a qualitative selection, application

many reasons and factors can disrupt the normal metabolic processes in the skin of the face and make it problematic.This trouble develops due to poor quality or insufficient duration of sleep, excess coffee or lack of proper cleaning.In the struggle with skin problems all good - massages, masks, various cosmetics and even creams that can hide the imperfections.

last resort, of course, is not able to completely rid the skin of the problems - rashes, acne, bad color, or enlarged pores, but may disguise it all.And in this case it is very important the correct choice, because a good foundation for oily skin should be not only expensive (and not so much), but also a very high quality, ideal for individual indicators for each case.

Immediately it should be noted that the concept of a problem with the skin every woman defines differently.Some dream to get rid of acne, blackheads and recurring acne, for someone is the worst under-eye circles, and anyone else living prevent light wrinkles around the eyes or

lips folds.Depending on those or other trouble and you need to choose the appropriate "camouflage" means.

Tone Cream for oily skin is different from the usual correction in that it consists of anti-inflammatory agent designed to reduce inflammation and irritation, smoothing out certain defects.It is thanks to a special substance the skin becomes smooth and easy matte gloss, improved color and overall impression of natural health and beauty.But maybe that's only if you know how to choose the foundation, and you know how to use it wisely.

By the way, the correct choice should be discussed separately.Professional beauticians recommend to pay attention to such means that do not cause clogging of the pores (which not only helps dry inflamed skin, but it will cause even more damage, forcing even more manifest defects).The composition of cosmetic products must not include any fats or oils.But the foundation for oily skin should necessarily contain some components that have beneficial anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, such as herbal extracts, stimulating, among other things, the healing process of the skin.The third rule of choice - matching funds from skin type: oily cream needs matte shades, thick and dense, dry skin - a substance with a silky texture.

With regard to the application of such tools as the foundation for problem skin, in this process, too, there are certain rules: it should be used only after a thorough cleansing facial tonic and washing it with moisturizer.The cream should be applied in a small amount, and a very thin layer, and then shade the contours of the face.Large clusters of small pimples and redness small you can hide the second - at least a thin - layer.

Many women are interested in what is best suited to mask skin imperfections - powder or foundation?The first is very popular due to the ease of application and the quality of impact, the second - thanks to the versatility that allows equally well use it for the skin is dry, oily or combination, not to mention the normal.Thus, the owner of all the above types have the ability to choose to use, and cream and powder, but those with dry skin can mask defects only cream, as powder capable disadvantages worsen and cause more damage.