Causes of edema under the eyes

appeared on the man's face swelling under the eyes is not only spoil the impression, but not a sign of good health, we can say that it signals SOS, which sends the body.

World edema suffers every fourth person.Causes of swelling under the eyes may be different, but the core is liquid, going for a night in the human body, and poor circulation.The reason may be a variety of edema disease of internal organs, especially kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, heart and nervous system.

Causes of swelling under the eyes can detect only a specialist, so you need as soon as possible to see a doctor who will diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.Cosmetics such swelling will not help.Causes of swelling under the eyes can be associated with the consumption bedtime large quantities of water or salty foods.

Swelling can also occur if the night to sleep on his stomach.Need to sleep face up, and the best on the right side.Well, if you cried all night in the pillow, then in the morning will not only swelling, but

all face swell.The good news is that such swelling will, as long as you get ready for work, and the fresh air of them will be over.

to know how to remove the swelling to the eye, you must first determine the cause of their appearance.If swelling appears after a stormy party and sleepless nights, everything is clear - this means that you do not recommend a night of drinking plenty of fluids and observe mode.Pay more attention to your diet, avoid eating a lot of fatty and salty foods, but rather replace it with fruits and vegetables.Salt is known to be retained in the body and the water causes swelling, not only the eye and the arms and legs.

If edema appear after too frequent visits to tanning salons or lovers of the southern resorts, it is also clear, as to remove the puffiness under the eyes.It is necessary to reduce the time spent in the sun, especially during the daylight hours and limit visits to tanning salons, as in this case, the appearance of edema blame excessive ultraviolet radiation.

The cause of the edema is often fatigue caused by long sitting in front of TV or computer.If the edema caused by kidney or other organs, allergic reactions or infections as well as inflammation of the sinuses, how to remove edema from the eyes, you can tell a doctor.

Sometimes, eye puffiness can be caused by poor quality creams or cosmetics from which irritated eyelids, and then swell.In this case, an urgent need to change the cosmetics for better, do not cause allergic reactions.

Causes of swelling under the eyes can be due to a lack of vitamin B5, and even with a lack of fresh air.In all these cases can be dealt with edema.You can try popular ways to deal with the swelling.Well help contrasting packs with chamomile, tea, dill, fennel and sage.Satisfactory results were obtained resistant drainage facial massage and professional mask.

But how to remove puffiness under the eyes, if the cause of edema are age and heredity?If the parents are under-eye swelling-resistant, it can be assumed children hereditary predisposition to edema, which can occur in early childhood or adolescence.In this case, the most effective means is blepharoplasty - blepharoplasty, the effect of which can be kept for several decades.

In any case, compliance with these simple rules to avoid swelling of the eyes and get rid of those that have already appeared.