Mesotherapy - one of the most effective methods in cosmetology

One of the most effective methods of skin rejuvenation is mesotherapy.This method consists in the introduction into the skin to a depth of several millimeters drugs that promote its recovery.Because the therapeutic compositions are administered directly to the places where they operate, the effectiveness of this method is very high.Preparations for mesotherapy are natural and synthetic origin.Natural often cause allergic reactions.Since mesotherapy is aimed at addressing various issues of the preparations are different drugs.For example, to combat cellulite will be used substances that improve the lymphatic drainage, as well as toning and vitamins.Preparations for mesotherapy may be ready, but your doctor may be prepared immediately before use in accordance with the individual needs of the patient.

Mesotherapy is of several types.First of all, it's manual and hardware mesotherapy.The difference is in the method of drug administration.In manual mesotherapy beautician independently using a syringe to in

ject the drug into the skin of the patient: this allows to achieve high accuracy, but the procedure may take longer and hence pain are somewhat longer.When hardware mesotherapy drug formulation is administered using a special machine, which also makes a few injections: through this procedure takes less time and is less painful.It is mainly used when it is necessary to treat large areas of skin, such as the fight against cellulite.The procedure can be directed to the elimination of many problems such as cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, aging of the skin, hair loss, oily or problem skin.Mesotherapy is also contra-indications: this is the last trimester of pregnancy, gallstone disease, blood pressure problems, or blood vessels, blood clotting disorders, acute infectious diseases.

Mesotherapy can be performed anywhere on the body at any age, the only thing - in this case will be used different drugs.Also, the duration of treatment: Depending on the complexity of the issue can be carried out several procedures or more courses.When mesotherapy face is usually performed several procedures, usually about five, while the need for the treatment of cellulite on average, ten, or even more sessions.Mesotherapy sessions often take place every ten days.As a rule, those areas of the skin that do not have hair, mesotherapy combined in preliminary peeling: it makes the procedure more efficient.The number of complications after mesotherapy is very small: this is due to the fact that a formulation is injected into the deeper layers of the skin, bypassing the barrier, which, as a rule, and there are reactions to substances from the outside, but absolutely guarantee their absence is also impossible.Please note that an appeal to the competent and experienced professionals will help reduce the risk of complications, as it will pick up the necessary preparations in accordance not only with the individual needs, but also to their compatibility.

Recently, Mesotherapy has become increasingly popular because it allows you to achieve visible results after the first procedure, and then laid a course it becomes obvious to everyone and then saved for a very long time.For many the impression that it is a relatively new method, but in fact it was opened in the mid 19th century and was originally used to treat diseases by administering drugs directly to the problem area, and for such a long time, a very well-proven.