Causes of bruises under his eyes, and methods of dealing with them.

How often observe such a picture in front of a mirror: look tired, dull skin, black eyes ... The causes of bruising under the eyes can be very different.For most healthy people, the main reason for the appearance of bruises - this fatigue and lack of sleep.Also, bruising may occur after long weeping.But sometimes bruising under the eyes can be a sign of an illness.For example, dark, brown color, circles under the eyes sidetelstvuyut heart problems and various disorders of the liver.Dark purple circles often appear in those who have problems with blood pressure and kidneys.In addition, the delicate skin under the eyes is in the eye socket, and after a sleepless night on the face muscles weaken, so depressions appear darker and sharper.Bruises under the eyes of the child may appear not only for these reasons, but also due to hereditary factors.If someone has a relative thin skin under the eyes, then the likelihood of bruises under his eyes is greatly increased.Is it possible to somehow get rid of bruises

under his eyes?You can, if you know the cause of the bruises under his eyes.Because to say goodbye to them once and for all, we must get rid of the cause of the bruises under his eyes.

go to start a survey of all bodies to ensure that the bruising is not caused by disease.If the bruise appeared in consequence of the disease, you need a systematic treatment of the patient's body.If the cause of the bruises under his eyes are not in sickness, you can try to observe the following rules:

1. Get enough sleep.As is often the bruises are due to lack of sleep, try to sleep at least eight hours a day.This will help compensate for the loss of energy and does not give a chance bruises;

2. The absence of undue stress.Even if you work hard, take care not to overload your body.After all, no work is health.If your work involves or requires a computer eyestrain, try to make small breaks in the work to have time to relax your eyes.This can be done at half-time to make eye exercises (look into the distance and then consider the subject close for a few minutes);

3. Do not drink too much at night.Excessive fluid intake in the evening the day contributes to the appearance of bruises under his eyes, so do not drink a lot before going to bed;

4. Caring for the skin around the eyes.Every morning to massage the skin around the eyes.Light tapping motions fingertips rattles the skin around the eyes, starting from the temporal side, moving to the nose.Then apply on the skin under the eyes oblas special cream or gel for the skin around the eyes.Use agent containing substances that improve blood circulation and promote the flow of excess fluid;

5. To hide the existing black eye concealer, use a special warm orange hue, it will tailor the shortcomings of the skin under the eyes, and caring substances included in it, will help restore thin and delicate skin.But in any case, does not mask the dark circles under the eyes of a child, cosmetics can trigger allergies.

These simple tips will help prevent the emergence of a black eye.Traditional medicine can also help in this regard.Effective compression of black tea, chamomile.A good sedative has parsley.You can make such a mask: a tablespoon of parsley to make a glass of hot boiled water, to insist for fifteen minutes and strain.Make a lotion, in the form of heat put on the eyelids and hold for ten minutes.

Fight with bruises and be beautiful!