Paraffin therapy at home - affordable beauty

The fact that paraffin has healing properties, has long been known.In beauty salons have been successfully applied Paraffin.But not all of us can afford the expensive services of a cosmetologist.Let this article will discuss the question of how is possible paraffin at home.

little about the healing qualities of wax.This is the heat capacity of the substance.For a long time holding heat, he shares with him the skin in small portions.That is a warm paraffin leaves burns on the skin, but only enhances its temperature only 2 degrees.Thus sauna effect is achieved when by opening the action then begins active sweat glands.And thrown away the sweat brings with it all the harmful components and excess substances from the body.The wax cools gradually and with it begins to compress the already dehydrated skin, making massage.A skin, in turn, as if using the position, absorbs moisture back, leaving harmful substances on the surface of the wax.This "sifting" due to the fact that water molecules are smaller than t

he component toxins.

As you can see, nothing complicated and much is happening, so the paraffin house completely accessible and available.And it is often used by women who are watching their appearance.If you are interested in this method of rejuvenation without expensive visits to beauticians, then we prepare for it and see whether we have everything necessary for it.

So home paraffin will be successful if there is: a small enamel pot, 100 grams of refined paraffin wax, which is available in the pharmacy network, several plastic bags, two terry towels, cosmetic brush, cloth gauze scrub to cleanse the skin and face cream.As you can see, almost nothing to buy except the material for the mask and do not have to.

Paraffin at home begins with a warm-up weight of a paraffin in a water bath.You can resort to the services of a microwave oven.This will be even more convenient.Before applying molten material necessary to thoroughly clean the face by a peeling agent.Now smooth movements with the help of cosmetic brush smear wax on the face.We must try to the eyes and mouth clean.Then impose a gauze mask on the face and on top of it we put five more layers of the masses.When the mask has cooled, it can be easily removed from the face with gauze.That's the whole paraffin home.It remains only to put on the face nourishing cream and a little lie down until the final cooling of the skin.Just go out is not recommended.Sudden changes in temperature reduces the efficiency of the procedure.

Home paraffin is used not only for the face but also the hands.It is known also that most of our age is reflected in her arms.Therefore paraffin useful at home for the tired limbs.Your skin also accurately prepared.Then, in the dish with the mass heated to a temperature of 50 degrees, the hands are immersed alternately.We must stand only 3 seconds, then lift them slightly above the pan, to stack the excess wax.Such manipulation is done three times, and the fingers should be wide apart: the substance should envelop the entire surface of hands.Then, having put on their plastic bags, carefully wrap them in a towel.It creates a sauna effect.Now we are waiting for the hot mass to cool completely and remove it.

That's all the paraffin in the home.For the face and hands, it is repeated 10 times in a day.Such courses should be repeated at frequent intervals.With facial wrinkles disappear all the deep will be less noticeable, but the hands pomolodeyut beyond recognition.