Avon Nail "Gel effect": reviews, prices.

trends in the world of manicure change every year.But the main ones remain.So, for several years now at the peak of popularity it is a natural manicure.Well-groomed nails - it is an element of style that draws looks and talks about a girl or woman the ability to look after themselves.

To keep natural nails in order, you may need a little more time and effort.Many believe that it is easier to go to a salon and build the desired length, and later attended master only once a month.But increasingly fashionable women prefer home care for your hands.And there are three main reasons.Firstly, the house can create any fashionable manicure.Secondly, a nail care available to every girl.And thirdly, the nails will be healthy and beautiful if properly care for them at home.

But in order to have beautiful manicured hands, will have to buy good cosmetics.And this once again comes to the aid of the company Avon, in the catalog of which appeared lacquer "Avon" "Gel effect".Reviews about him already a lot to say.

as nail presented in the catalog

catalog "Avon" lacquer immediately able to stand out from a number of other means.The first reason for that - belonging to cosmetic products located at the peak of the world's fashion trends.Luck of the "Avon" "Gel effect" gives you the opportunity to own a professional manicure at a very affordable price.

products can be seen most fashionable shades of this range of lacquers from nyudovyh to extremely bright.Naturally, in the glossy pages of all 16 lacquer look perfect, and every girl, perhaps, be able to choose for themselves the ideal color solution.

Versatility line consists in a variety of shades.Are you going to work or fiery trendy party - not so important.In this series there are suitable shades of nail for every occasion.But if you have difficulty in choosing or have not yet decided whether to order a lacquer "Avon" "Gel effect", comments about him much help in this matter.

What promise customer

Products "Avon" has become for many a legend, but the company every day there are new customers.The manufacturer says about their new products, their benefits, and it attracts buyers.But regular customers information about new products, too, will not be superfluous.

what the creators promise us new varnish?Uniform coating which provides a gel without additional finishing agents.Varnish dries quickly, with the use of special lamps can be dispensed with.This product - more stable when compared to other paints of "Avon".In general, the manufacturer promises - kind of nail salon and wear resistance at home.

One of the most attractive factors - the price of varnish.Many people simply can not believe that such a low cost can be successfully combined with the high performance that we guarantee the manufacturer.Next, we will examine in more detail how these promises are true, and whether to buy paint.


This cosmetic product really has some advantages.Reviews of nail polish Avon «Gel effect" give women an idea of ​​what you can expect from the responsible company is one of the favorite colors.The advantages already acclaimed product include the following qualities:

  • color nail polish is really bright and saturated;
  • can put it in a single layer, but at the same time enjoy the beautiful manicured;
  • it dries quickly, if we compare it with other paints with gel effect;
  • resistance of the coating is relatively high;
  • nail surface smooth and glossy;
  • tool provides care for the nail plate;
  • can be used without the base and finish layers;
  • does not require additional funds for drying;
  • large volume (12 ml);
  • shelf life - as much as 12 months.


Nail Avon «Gel effect" has all the disadvantages.If at least skim product reviews, you can make a definite conclusion: many consumers are unhappy in the first place so that the composition of the varnish is on the inside of the cardboard packaging.For some, it does not matter.But if the composition of lacquer people can do about it any conclusions, in order to obtain the required information have yet to break this package.

Another disadvantage - some difficulties in application.Many people believe that you need to be trained to paint your nails with gel varnish effect before the turn to coat evenly.This is due to its thick creamy texture.

This is perhaps obvious disadvantages to an end.

features for application and use

Probably, there is not a single product in the cosmetics industry, which would have certain nuances in use.Their knowledge will help to avoid some of the mistakes and disappointments, because sometimes even the best cosmetics causes a wave of negativity from buyers if they do not know how to use it correctly.

example, from nail "Avon" "Gel effect" is very resistant.In addition, it is quite thick, so it should be applied as carefully as possible.Even the smallest error will be visible on the nails and cuticles.

It should also be borne in mind that producers may have slightly overestimated the same gel effect.Damage nail does not look as if he - a professional gel coating that is dried only by means of a UV lamp.Of course, on the nails of the product "Avon" it looks beautiful, but it is better to put it on top of another layer of clearcoat finish, but advertisement and says just the opposite.With this just need to accept.

Optical illusion or commercial move?

If more detailed discussion of lacquer "Avon" "Gel effect" opinions about it can be negative and due to non-compliance of its real colors on your nails with a sample catalog page.

example, shade "Love" in reality is very light, almost white, he recalls the color milkshake.And the "envy" is somewhat darker than in the directory.If put it in two or three layers, it becomes almost black, while the green hue can see only with great difficulty.

Considering lacquer "Avon" "Gel effect" shades and feedback - this is the most controversial topic.The fact that many expect the same appearance manicure, as it appears in the catalog.But if the potential buyer already has some experience in nail polish ordering from this company, it is unlikely to be glad of such an effect.The coating on the nails is rarely looks the same as the picture, and it must be considered.

Pricing Policy

Cosmetics by "Avon", in principle, does not have high prices.This applies to all products catalog and especially nail polish.Many clients of the company in the lacquer "Gel effect" is attracting price.

in specialized stores of cosmetics almost impossible to buy decent product for the money.A manufacturer promises that the nail polish will also have a salon look only increase the number of customers.

Normal price lacquer is approximately 240 p.But stocks can purchase the product for $ 160 and p.It is worth noting that most of the varnish in the directory found it at an attractive price.

On the question of whether this money expect a good result, everyone probably answer differently.But most concurs that the product is really good, considering its price category.

Now you know what nail polish Avon «Gel effect".Reviews, prices and stable position on the market of products for manicure say that it is really worth the money.

Why is this product?

So why do so many choose this nail, despite some of its features and nuances to use?First, it has the advantage - appearance.On the nails, it looks pretty good, the effect of the gel is still truly present.

Second, resistance.Chips on the cover appear only on the next day, and then only if you are actively engaged in domestic work.

Saturation fashionable colors - and not the last factor that speaks in favor of the choice of varnish.With its use of a manicure is always in trend, even if you're going to do it at home.

A reasonable price will allow the purchase more than one color, because flowers can be constantly experimenting.

"Avon" paint "gel-effect": reviews

product discussed quite vividly, both ordinary users and manicure.If you do not know whether to book lacquer "Avon" "Gel effect", reviews of it for the most part speak in favor of purchasing the product.

resistance, beautiful color and gel effect - its main characteristics that must be distinguished among all others.

composition varnish

Also important is the composition, the components of which take care of the nails and provides a gentle color that brings natural manicure minimal damage.Many have noted that during the use of nail polish really become more healthy and strong.Because you can safely select at least one of the shades of nail polish in the catalog.In any case, the experiment will be successful.