Navy Day - what is it?

Merit Russian sailors have always highly valued countrymen, maybe that's why the Navy Day we noted in several variants.Let's try each of them to pay attention.The first - the Day of sea and river fleet, which was established more than 20 years ago, in 1980.It is celebrated and now, after all these years, on the first Sunday of July.

sea journey for each of us - very exciting action.People who refuse to take a swim on the liner during any cruise, probably just not there.But it gives us the opportunity to swim it is the people who work in the role of the ship's crew.On this day the Navy awarded the workers of navigation for their labor services.And it generally is not surprising.These people carry cargo, sometimes very bulky.It is important that transportation were quickly and easily.This is a very important process for the country's economy.Despite the impressive achievements of sailors, they celebrate quite decently.

But progress the country has not only in peaceful pursuits.Militarily, the sailors

often commit these deeds.Many of them are marked in history as heroic.That is why one of the most popular and beloved by the people of holidays in the country - the Day of the Navy of Russia.

It is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday of July.Celebrate it started a long time ago - in 1939.

brilliant victory was much is gained.That is why the inhabitants of the country hold sacred the memory of the glorious fleet, which is proud to present it.

Mariners congratulating senior officials of Russia, everywhere there are concerts, parades, a variety of festivals.Competitions were held and arranged entertainment.At the same time, the Day of the Navy - and even celebration of Neptune.It should be noted that, despite the enormity of the holiday, the behavior of the participants remained in the normal range.

But it too modest to name it is impossible.Military celebrate the triumph with great enthusiasm.It is worth noting one distinctive feature of the celebrations of the Black Sea Fleet - only there the sailors changed to this day form on the front.

Water view - this is an unusual and spectacular holiday decoration.It is at one and the same moment, an event in honor of Neptune and greeting sailors.

By the way, this is God.He is the patron saint of seafarers since ancient times.This day is celebrated even in children's camps, where various performances with mermaids, water, and Neptune himself.

tend to portray him with a trident, a beard and a crown.Around turmoil, fun, music, songs, jokes - a real holiday atmosphere.

are representations of ancient customs.The captain of the ship sailing the sea asks God to let him swim in his possessions.Then Neptune gives good workers and baptizing with water navigation.This is the main event during the entire festival.

It is celebrated everywhere - even in the modern resort town, where it takes the format of a beach shows, hotels and resorts, a variety of entertainment centers.

remains and we enjoy the celebration of the god, to honor our glorious navy, remember and rejoice in his accomplishments.All the Russians have expressed admiration for the people who have chosen this great path.Our Navy - the real pride of the country, it has great history.Of course, he deserves respect.

Here is this Day of the Navy in our country.Holiday when congratulate people who have devoted their lives ships.By and large, it's two days, when honored Navy - peace and war.This wonderful holidays that are worth noting.At least in order to pay homage to some brave seafarers who constantly take care of the economy and security of the country.