Miner's Day

history of the professional holiday, the Day of the Miner, originated in the Soviet Union.Now, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it continues to be celebrated on the last Sunday in August, not only in Russia, but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Estonia.

Its history goes back to the distant 1935, when the famous miner AG Stakhanovset the all-time record, it was the beginning of a Stakhanov movement.At one time it was a kind of limit, which seeks to reach every worker proud.

official holiday was approved in 1947, based on proposals put forward by the Minister of Coal Industry.Its first celebration was held at 08.29.1948 year.Order of the Minister noted that the employees of this industry must meet the Miner's Day celebration is not only production achievements, but also the improvement of living conditions.On the eve of the festival were also identified measures that contributed to the strengthening of labor discipline.We were given the task the heads of departments in the preparation

of materials for awarding distinguished in this difficult work, commissioning of the new machines, make decisions to increase the pace of construction and reconstruction of mines.In Moscow, the Miner's Day was made a solemn commitment to achieve the best success in the next year and exceed the figures that existed at the present time.

For some cities, which are centers of the coal-mining industry - is a major holiday celebrated by large concerts and performances, processions and festivities.In the Kemerovo region every year since 2001, the city selected in advance, which will celebrate Miner's Day.Here come the eminent performers, musical groups, folk artists, and the crown of this event becomes a colorful fireworks display.

These courageous people raise their hard work and successfully develop the economy, making a personal contribution to the common cause.More than half a century congratulations miner gets this large army of dedicated miners.Paying tribute to their insecure profession, we note that they are a stronghold of one of the key industries.They provide the fuel the millions of black and a variety of businesses that could not exist without it, and function.The quality and quantity of extracted raw materials will determine whether to enter the winter warmth in every single apartment, and in the institutions of the country as a whole.

Congratulations on the Day of Miner is permeated with gratitude that I want to express to all workers of the leading industries.Thanks to the work of miners, their professionalism and courage in our homes reigns cosiness, children can attend schools and other childcare facilities, irrespective of weather conditions.

High mechanized complexes coal enterprises will be the basis of the production capacity in Russia in the first half of the 21st century.Analysts, assigning a crucial role coal industry, it is believed that the production of black gold will be kept at a stable level, and in the future will only increase, and even predicted its sharp rise.As we can see, this profession is not only not lose its significance, but over time will become more popular.

Bring in the Miner's Day greetings to their friends and relatives working in the industry.Appreciate their courage and willingness to take risks are in order to heat your home and ensure that the work of each enterprise.

Congratulations on Miner's Day celebrations culprits are not only from their home, family, co-workers, but also the leaders of political parties and local authorities.Events dedicated to the representatives of one of the most titanic of professions, are in every town, village, that at least some are related to the coal industry.