Bengal: the nature and characteristics of care

The name Bengal cat is not acquired because of Indian origin.They took the rock in sunny California is not so long ago - in 1963.American breeders wanted to create a "little leopard home", so leopard cat crossed with ordinary domestic shorthair.His official recognition of Bengal received only twenty years later, in 1983.Kitten thoroughbred considered if it is clearly manifest the genes of wild leopard ancestors (at least 12%, better than - 25%).

Bengal - photos demonstrate it - looks a lot like a small leopard.This large animal: males weigh up to seven kilograms and female woodcocks - about four.They are very graceful, long-legged, plastic and their movements simply mesmerizing.A dense, but short hair and inherent cleanliness do care for these animals is extremely easy.Enough time to time to bathe your pet, the more that swim Bengal, unlike relatives, just love.

Some people argue that the nature of the Bengal cat is wild, combative, or, conversely, skittish.This is not so.Breeders just worked har

d to make the owners of small leopards had no problem with the content of the animals in the family.Overly shy or, on the contrary, aggressive individuals are not allowed for further breeding.The nature of these affectionate cats, like most domestic cats.They are linked to all the house, though especially allocate any one member of the family.His preference they show that love to take a nap at his chosen ... to the neck or shoulder.Do not be surprised: it's a vestige wild ancestors, because in nature leopard cats feel safe, but hiding in the crowns of trees.

As already mentioned, these animals are not afraid of the water and splash around like a clock.For the elect, and they will follow into the shower and bath.Their favorite pastime is to lower your toys in the water and then fish out of there.Bengal, the nature of which can be called a very affectionate, and share with the owner of the bed.You can not buy her personal litter or house - she still ignore them.Bengal sure: the best place to sleep - under a blanket at the master's side.

to old age Bengal cat character retains a playful and inquisitive.She manages to adapt to the games totally unsuitable things.It is necessary to keep away from her aquarium with fish, clothes, shoes, matches, sewing, newspapers, cereal ... in short, everything that can spill, claw and tear.But then it should endow the toys, all the time different, new and wonderful.Bengals have a perverse desire to hide somewhere in the shelter, and from there to the delight to watch as they are looking for all the household.

If you - the people scattered and even disorderly, put things in place and secure lockers you teach Bengal cat.The nature of this animal is that, once he saw how a man opens the refrigerator and pulls out the food - immediately repeat his actions.Remembering the passion Bengals to swimming, it should be the home of the tight handle faucets with water, otherwise the pet decides himself to fill a bath.These cats are "talkative", and the sound of their purring gives origin: from the jungle.However, no smell "wild beast," the kitty did not have.With dogs and other cats, they get along fine.