Neon - fish with a bright appearance

name "Neon" fish had an ulterior motive.The fact that it has a graphic bar that runs along the calf - from the eyes to the adipose fin.This gives the fish a very striking appearance.

Neon - aquarium fish native to South America.There, she is found in freshwater basins of the Amazon.It prefers shallow water with standing water and multiple vegetation, and therefore the conditions in the aquarium for a neon quite comfortable - is the lack of any kind of currents and availability of the required number of plants.Especially since the latter can be purchased at any of the specialty shops.

neon aquarium fish, as in nature, living in packs.Therefore it is better not to buy one or two individuals, and once at least ten.Everything will depend on the size of the aquarium.If its capacity is, for example, 50 liters, then it is possible to put 30-40 fish.It is important that each animal had at least a liter of water.Thus is created a natural environment for neon, moreover, from an aesthetic point of view of a f

lock, they will look a lot better.After neon - a small fish, a length of not more than 4 cm, while males and females at all lower by almost a centimeter.Therefore, in small amounts, they are less noticeable.

Neon - Fish and not very capricious in the maintenance and care.It is enough to maintain the temperature of the water in the aquarium within + 24-26 ℃, the acidity - 5-6.5 units., Hardness - 8-12 °.You also need to carry out aeration and filtration of water and replace it every week for 25% of the total.It feeds on live food like neon and dry.The main thing is that the latter is not too large.Preference is given to daphnia, mosquito larvae and Tubifex, bloodworms petty.

In addition, neon - fish is very friendly, she is able to get along with other representatives of the aquarium world.It is important to keep the aspect ratio of the "neighbors", ie. E. The other fish do not have to be a lot more neon.Otherwise there is a risk for the latter to be simply eaten.For this reason, it is not necessary to podselyat neon and predatory fish.Better to give preference to the peaceful small aquarium inhabitants, such as the spotted catfish.

itself neon - fish is not particularly painful.However, one should consider the fact that it is very sensitive to a variety of drugs for the treatment of other residents of the aquarium.For example, the dosage of the drug containing a copper-based, it should be done in two times less than that specified in the instruction.

his glow in the aquarium these bright baby can delight for a long time.With proper care neon able to survive for about four years.During this time, their number can increase bad.At 5-8 months of age have neon can produce offspring.It is enough to transplant into a separate darkened aquarium with little water level (spawning) female and male (two males).The next day will begin spawning, and a day later there will hatching larvae.Then, the parents need to return back to the general aquarium, so they do not eat their eggs well.So you can grow another generation of neon without significant cost.