Beautiful and simple design polish for beginners masters

Modern nail art industry offers a lot of options to create beautiful nail designs.Skillfully using the proposed materials, you can beat stress and length, the form, the natural beauty of the plate, turn manicure highlight the image to hide all the flaws.However, it requires specific skills and master skills.And what about those who are just taking its first tentative steps?Do not despair and do not panic, believe in yourself and learn!In the meantime, we'll show you the design polish for beginners can be a simple, but beautiful.

all right at your fingertips

often the most banal objects can serve in the capable hands of these magic wands.By creating a design for the nails for Beginners of masters, most importantly, do not seek to immediately develop supercomplex art and drawings.It is best to master the simple tricks and then move on.But imagination can not hold back, it will help to create unusual composition with minimum skills.


What you need: the base, varnishes 3 colors, fixers,

pieces of foam.Lucky is better to choose a single color scheme of light to dark or neighbors in the rainbow, so the result is beautiful.We cover the nail base, waiting for drying.Then we put a nail in the foam (for example, you can nip off pieces from the new household sponges).Pat them cover 1/3 of the nail.Then, repeat the operation with the remaining two colors.Clear boundaries have layers should not be, like shades of flow from one to the other, creating the illusion of a rainbow.This simple technique helps to create an original design for the nails.For starters - the most it.

Printed text

What you need: the base, light matt lacquer (beige, white, gray), alcohol, paper, nail polish remover, nail-finish.Apply the base and the base color, carefully drying each layer.Immerse nail in alcohol for a few seconds, and clung to him a piece of paper with the letters.Carefully remove the paper and see the ink decorated surface of the nail plate.All that is left on the skin, you can easily erase the nail polish remover.It now remains only cautiously applied fixer.Is similar to the drawings, but does not require special skills, it can be acrylic nail design, gel or natural.

"Sticky" techniques

Scotch is in every house, and it can also easily be used to create nail designs.For starters, it's a good opportunity to expand the range of compositions created.The tape should not be too sticky and one-sided.The easiest option - it is to cover the nail base, dry, apply a coat of varnish on the half of the plate, again dry.Then take a scotch tape and glue it so that the edge of the tape is in the middle.Now, cover the unpainted space of another varnish.We are waiting for dry, then remove the tape.The result was a nail with a clear boundary between two colors in the middle.In general, with such a universal acceptance can do manicure, dominoes, chess board, draw geometric shapes or lines.This design polish for beginners can easily compete with the salon compositions.Also, do not be afraid to use the rhinestones, foil, glitter and other materials for decoration.If you create drawings is not under force, try to replace them with ready-made perevodkami and stickers.

Trends in Focus

The nail-art also has its own fashion.To keep up with life, you must keep track of which new trends arise in it.Try all the time to learn about the various methods and techniques to practice.Pay attention to the last year's trendy nail designs.Photo 2013 nail industry trends, competition works of famous gurus - all this will help you create your own style of work.