Makeup for deep-set eyes

Many women believe that there is a cosmetics to hide the flaws.And the vast majority of women are sure that they have these deficiencies are much more than merit.Owners deep-set eyes almost always find that with makeup to hide that they "lack".Many do not even realize that their eyes - is an occasion to experiment with fashion.Depending on the color of skin, eyes, long eyelashes and eyebrow shape, you can use a small makeup kit, giving your eyes expressiveness and shape make them visually more widely and public opinion.


Makeup for deep-set eyes, as well as many other types of makeup, has its own characteristics.However, you should always start with light colors.Only there is a small nuance - the shadows under the eyebrows does not necessarily apply, because due to deep-set eyes, this part of the century and so is sufficiently illuminated.The rest of the procedure of applying the standard light shadows from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.Light shade will be the basis for the app

lication of other shades.They increase the visual eye and hand will clean deep planting.Use the best shade of natural shades, as close as possible to the color of the face.For natural colors usually include beige, peach and soft pink.If we take the shade with mother of pearl, the effect of such shadows will be more pronounced due to the slight sheen.

next step in the process of creating an image - drawing darker shade of shadow on the eyelids.Root should be applied about the middle of the century, from the pupil to the end, that is up to the outer corner of the eye.Important carefully shade shadow to completely smooth contours between shades.In this case, the desired effect will overflow one tone to another.The challenge for the darker shade of shadow - to designate and emphasize the crease, repeating the natural contour of the eye.

In conclusion, we make out the outer corner of the eye line of the upper and lower lashes.The main thing when you use a dark shade - do not overdo it.Otherwise, get the reverse effect when make-up for the deep-set eyes more visually reduce them.Dark shadows enough to make a few strokes.

pencil and eyeliner

If you choose wisely mascara and eyebrow pencil and eye make-up for the deep-set eyes will take a finished look.Look, you can make a softer, if before applying the shadow draw the eye contour pencil.Maximum emphasize the eyes help eyeliner, wrought over the shadows.Only need to remember that the liner should be applied to a thin line.If you make the line thicker, then we get the effect of reducing the visual eye.


worth considering when choosing a mascara.Makeup for close-set eyes is to use a thick mascara with creamy texture.This mascara makes lashes heavier and thick, which in turn will increase the eye, too.Only need to remember that coloring and upper and lower lashes, you thus again, narrow down your eyes.To enlarge the eyes, mascara should be applied only to the upper lashes.

eyes of any planting, the shape and color can make its pride and dignity.The main objective is to set focus on the eye so that they look stand out.The main thing is to learn to choose shades of shadows and simple to master the technique of application.Makeup for deep-set eyes is best done in pastel colors - pink, beige, peach, pearl luster.

second color is best to use dull dull shade of gray or brown.Too dark shadows only visually reduce the eye.Choosing mascara and pencil should be done on the basis of the same principles.You should not go to extremes and use a black pencil.The best option would be to use the classic shades of brown pencil or charcoal gray pencil, but not black.

Yet basic is not what you paint, but how you do it.Having mastered a perfect technique of applying makeup to the eyes, you can not worry that you do not have an ideal form of eye color or anything else.Those girls who have deep-set eyes, make-up is recommended to carry out without the use of rich dark shades.