Summer make-up fashionista

The hottest time of year a woman is a woman, therefore, can not afford to leave the house without makeup, that's just a summer make-up has the features you need to know.

woman can still use the shadows, lipstick and other cosmetics familiar, but in the summer it could afford to experiment with bright colors that will look quite harmoniously with summer wardrobe.Summer makeup should be light and adequately protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

There are simple rules of make-up that will help you look decent in the summer.

  1. Instead of a tonal framework, use friable powder.Tonal framework can not withstand the heat and leak the most ridiculous way, moreover, in the hot skin like never need to breathe.
  2. Pay special attention to the T-zone.This is usually the problem areas, but if you decide to use concealer, it is best to opt for a creamy texture.Avoid liquid concealer that under the scorching rays of the sun may not look very aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Summer Makeover "does not like" sharp lines, so y
    ou can afford to experiment.Summer eye makeup options allow the use of unusual colors, which at other times of the year will look quite ridiculous.So feel free to take up a purple, gold or purple eyeliner and stresses their eyes light blurred lines.
  4. Cream Blush - that make up the trump card in the summer.Blush can be used as shade, causing forever as lipstick and directly for its intended purpose, having put on the cheekbones.This makeup will be harmonious and natural, and his face will shine with health.
  5. Summer lip gloss should be as inconspicuous.It is best to use lipstick, which, after applying the necessary promaknut cloth, and then you can apply a little gloss.So hold your makeup lips much longer, and retain the original appearance as possible.
  6. Mascara.There are all professionals unanimously recommended to use waterproof mascara.In hot weather, people sweat, summer dives into water, in general, waterproof mascara - the best option.

Speaking of colors, the fashion trends of 2012 are quite varied, and everyone can choose the option that will be to his liking.

For example, emphasis on the cheekbones, so imagine an African motif in addition to the style of clothing safari looks very stylish.Makeup is rich shades of rouge, which are allocated on the face.

Summer makeup is also not spared women's eyes, which in the summer 2012 season will decorate all kinds of color eyeliner.Despite the popularity of bright and rich colors, no less popular is gray and all shades of eye makeup.

As for the lips, the summer can be a make-up and with neutral colors of lipstick, bordering the pale and bright colors.Carrot, red, burgundy, fuchsia - all these colors emphasize the seductive lips of the fairer sex.At the same time the eye can not be made up.

Another important point is the skin tone.Of course, in the summer it is recommended to use darker tones of powder, giving the skin an even greater effect of sunburn.Radiance Skin has become a real trend of the season, so experts recommend to choose the means for skin with luster and shine a light effect.It is worth noting that such means perfect camouflage wrinkles and skin irregularities by hiding your minor flaws.

flawless makeup Other rules remain unchanged, at any time of the year.