Eyebrow dye

Any woman, regardless of the natural hair color, love sometimes a little touch up and correct their eyebrows.During summer, the ideal companion for this issue will be resistant paint eyebrows - because of the heat and dust normal would not last long, and it is necessary to wash off makeup resistant special tools, contain a lot of aggressive and not very useful components in its composition.Just for this reason, persistent paint eyebrows enjoys this time of year especially in demand.

Paint the eyebrows can be in any beauty salon or barber shop.However, the paint for the eyebrows and eyelashes «Estel», «Londacolor», «Wella» or "Gamma" is quite suitable for independent use at home.But still better to err, and to invite her friend, having experience in this business.

way, no matter how tempted to paint the eyebrows normal hair dye suitable shade - you can not do this in any case.These funds are part of a more aggressive, able to damage the structure of the eyelashes and eyebrows (in the worst case, the

y may simply fall off).In addition, the skin around the eyes - very thin and delicate, so any chemical burn on her way to leave traces for a long time.Therefore, it is better to purchase an expensive and high quality paint - a single tube will last for a long time and you and your friend.

suitable for brunettes dye eyebrows blue-black hue, red-haired - brown, and for blondes - gray hue.It is desirable to get two colors: painting eyebrows need to brown, and for eyelashes - black.In addition, will need some more stuff:

  • sticks with grooved end (instead you can use a regular clean brush from the carcass).
  • little capacity for breeding coloring agents (glass, ceramic or plastic).
  • Cotton pads that need to be folded in half, crescent-shaped (to protect the skin around the eyes).

How to prepare the paint for the eyebrows?

in non-metallic container need to squeeze out of the tube 1-2 ml of paint, add a few drops of emulsion of 10 percent hydrogen peroxide supplied in the package.If not, you can use the tablet gidroperita to be dissolved in a teaspoon of warm boiled water.The mixture should be done immediately before the actual application.If you use such a tool for the first time, then you most likely can be somewhat confusing its color - dark paint for the eyebrows begin only after interacting with hairs.

How to remove paint for the eyebrows?

order to wash it need cotton, sunflower oil, fat cream, lotion any alcohol or alcohol-based.

Methods for removing means:

paint is easy to remove if we use oil - castor, sunflower or olive.To do this on a cotton swab to apply a small amount of oil (just a few drops), and then gently rub the hair.Throughout the day you need to periodically wash oil swab dipped in alcohol-based lotion (alcohol).After that regularly need more time to apply oil on the eyebrow.This method is good because it not only removes paint from the eyebrows, but also nourishes the hair with nutrients.Similarly, the same effect can be achieved if used instead of butter fat cream.However, if you use this method before going to bed - in the morning not to avoid swelling.If you do not want to mess around with oils and creams can be just a few times a day to wash off the paint with soap or any cleaning agent.

When used correctly picked the paint for the eyebrows can achieve a beautiful effect so that the result will look much better in a situation with conventional contour pencils.