Can I change the color of eyes and how to do it

contact lenses conventionally divided into two types: the lenses used for cosmetic purposes and their miniature counterparts.How do they differ?

Cosmetic version of these amazing devices designed to change the appearance of the same, in turn, divided into types and color tint.The use of either option depends on what effect you expect.Lenses (color) hue iris change dramatically, while, as a shade or tint can enhance your own, given the nature of color.Can I change the color of the eyes, so that they looked natural?Of course!This will require translucent tint lenses or option that can enhance the color of the iris of your eye.

decorative look for events such as carnival, participated in the play, that is, they would be out of place in everyday life.Such lenses are formed, generally in bright colors can be decorated with a pattern look simulate any resident alien, etc.

possible to change the eye color lighter shade?

Of course, yes, and make it much easier than to change his eyes a darker shade.In pe

ople with light eyes more choices, you can experiment with their looks.

possible to change eye color saturated brown color to a lighter?

It is also possible to do, but, upon closer inspection, the eyes will not look very natural because of the dense pattern that should hide the natural color of your eye.

Can I change the color of the eyes, add effects radiance and brightness?

It is also possible.Of the large number of lenses, which are offered by manufacturers, it may be noted by those who leave the natural color unchanged, but give them extra brightness and radiant shine.

Tint and colored lenses can be purchased without diopters and with them.In this case the combination of cosmetic effect and vision correction.

worth noting that the colored lenses no influence on the world map, which surrounds, because the paint is located in the inner layer of the lens without affecting the cornea.

To do look deeper and more attractive, using sophisticated lenses (contact, non-ferrous), consisting of three shades, gradually pouring in one another.

Can I change the color of the eyes without lenses?

doctor from California Greg Homer answers this question in the affirmative.While at Stroma Medical, he created a special laser technology Lumineyes, which can change brown eyes, making them blue, and forever.This technology is a laser with a certain frequency.Thus by using laser flow removed with iris pigment brown eyes.After two (possibly three) weeks begins to appear blue.Here it should be noted that once created for themselves blue eyes, you will not be able to return their former color.Only through the lens.

To date, the company's specialists under the guidance of a physician and innovator started to test its technology on the tricky people (partial).In order to complete them, Stroma Medical still need considerable financial investments (about one million USD).According to forecasts of Dr. Homer, if all goes well, the new technology will be available in the country for three years, and outside the United States is twice as fast.Experts estimated the unique procedure to change the eye color of five thousand dollars.

Of course, a lot of people dream about changing the eyes, not only the shape but also the color, spending a significant amount of money by purchasing different types of contact lenses.And this technology will help them in this.In the meantime, the lens (contact) is the most appropriate and affordable solution for those who want to change, including the eyes.Asking about whether we can change the color of eyes, we confidently answer - yes!