Burdock oil for eyelashes

pesky plant called burr familiar, perhaps, every lover of country walks.This plant, which has property to cling to everything, with what has direct contact - clothes, shoes and even hair, belongs to the weeds.However, in cosmetology burdock - a real culture, a rich source of vitamins for health, strength and beauty of hair, nails, eyelashes and human skin.

obtained from the burdock burdock (burdock popular name), which in itself is a medicinal plant with a mass of healing properties.Therefore, the properties of burdock oil no less valuable.It contains tannins, inulin, protein, mineral salts, stearic and palmitic acids, and many vitamins.This composition allows the use of burdock oil in creams and masks for the face and body.

The most popular burdock oil in hair care - an extract is added to the medicated shampoos, conditioners, hair conditioners.Often people try to cook this product in your own home.However, we must understand that the process is quite complex, so it will be better to buy burdock o

il for eyelashes, hair and other purposes at a pharmacy without wasting time unnecessarily.

Use burdock oil for eyelashes

Daily application of oil helps to strengthen lashes, prevents brittleness and delamination.Women using burdock oil for eyelashes have expressive eyes, as this product does lashes strong, thick, voluminous and long.Getting on the eyelashes, burdock oil penetrates each hair and enriches it with nutrients, which in itself contains.This bulb ciliary hairs are strengthened, providing excellent growth eyelashes.

use burdock oil for eyelashes

-lasting effect of using a product such as burdock oil for eyelashes, it depends on the correct use.First and foremost, means must be applied to the ciliary hairs by a special cosmetic brush or ordinary cotton mini-pad on the principle of applying mascara.Apply it should be necessarily in the evening, about 2 hours before the night's sleep, and can withstand about half an hour on the eyelashes.Then, burdock oil gently and carefully removed with a cotton sponge soaked in warm water.

Bolzamy and masks to restore eyelashes

In particularly severe cases require immediate therapy with balms on the basis of natural products, with very burdock oil for eyelashes will have a therapeutic effect.To enhance the effect can be complex to use castor oil, liquid vitamin E, aloe, and burdock.Of these components, taken in approximately equal amounts (with the exception of aloe juice - it should take a fraction), obtained great mask for eyelashes, which must be used during the month, followed by a two-week break and the continuation of the therapeutic course.

also can use other options to prepare balm-mask to restore eyelashes.The basis remains the same burdock oil for eyelashes (reviews about this recipe is also very good).To the base is added almond oil and castor oil, and vitamin E (liquid) in equal amounts.All components are thoroughly mixed, after which the mask is ready to spray.Ways to strengthen the lashes, there are many, and usually all present vitamins A and E, and burdock.It is these substances perfectly nourish and repair damaged eyelashes, stimulate their growth, and provide beauty and health of your eyes.