Glycolic acid: Description

use in professional beauty fruit acids was quite common because of their broad spectrum of action: moisturizing, lifting up keratolytic.Alpha- and beta-gidrooksidanty well exfoliate the top layer of skin scales, making the stratum corneum is thinner and normalize keratinization.

Glycolic acid is found in green grapes and sugar cane.Among the alpha gidrooksidantov it has the smallest molecular weight, why and passes so easily through the epidermal barrier, providing the strongest effect.This type of acid and reduces hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Cosmetics acid makes the skin smoother, strengthening it and increasing the rate of appearance of new cells, and also slows the formation of wrinkles and folds different.Alfa gidrooksidanty has tremendous moisturizing properties.These substances stimulate the production of collagen of the skin, thereby increasing the elasticity of the skin and facilitate cell renewal.Glycolic acid is a great help in exfoliation of horny scales that cover the skin and improv

es the flow of sebum.

Peeling such substances allows us to give the skin shine and to hide its defects, smoothing the skin.At high concentrations of epidermal exfoliation occurs, while at low accelerating skin regeneration and reduction of the stratum corneum.Peeling acid solutions for more than 20% are carried out only under the supervision of a specialist.Otherwise, you can get a negative result.Alfa gidrooksidanty have a light peeling effect, as the old cells are removed and encourage the growth of newer, as well as stimulate the basal membrane, from which then grow new cells.Scientists have been investigating the matter.It was found that glycolic acid contributes to the fact that the fine wrinkles disappear and larger ones become less noticeable, and brightens skin pigmented areas.Tools such substances do not have any age restrictions, so it can be used by young girls.

glycolic acid and lactic, malic, citric and tartaric act as natural metabolites of biochemical reactions.All these substances have long been armed with cosmetologists and dermatologists.

cream with glycolic acid: a cosmetic effect

This cream has the following properties:

- update and stimulation of skin cells;

- reducing the depth of existing wrinkles and preventing the emergence of new ones;

- increasing skin elasticity;

- smoothing the skin;

- masking existing defects;

- cleaning and moisturizing.

Glycolic acid is actively used in products such care as

- moisturizing lotions and creams;

- cleansing lotions;

- means for reducing the depth of wrinkles and smoothing;

- agents that prevent the growth and appearance of acne;

- creams are designed to align the skin color.

There are some contraindications to the use of acid:

- increased skin sensitivity;

- idiosyncrasy;

- fresh injuries;

- seleangiektaziya;

- herpetic eruptions;

- prolonged exposure to sunlight.

You have to completely abandon the temptation to buy professional cosmetics for different purposes with alpha-gidrooksidantov on every cosmetic exhibitions, since such funds are the only tool of professional beauticians.In such preparations the amount of acid is present, they can cause you significant damage if they are misused.It is better not to use or after prolonged exposure to the sun.Using the acid in its pure form is strictly prohibited at all.

Keep makeup with alpha gidrooksidantami away from heat and sunlight, out of children's reach.