Beautiful makeup for brown eyes - advice on the implementation of

Brown eyes give the girls a special charm and beauty.For centuries, they were sung in poems and songs, and their owner sought to further emphasize their beauty.Brown eyes themselves are quite perceptible, but with the help of a successful make-up can make them much more expressive, give a look of mystery and depth.

Pick up the color palette.

beautiful makeup for brown eyes is very dependent on the correct choice of color pencils and eye shadows.If you have darker hair color (from light brown to dark-raven), it is best to choose a chocolate brown, slate gray, marsh-green or black shades and shadows of honey, sand and golden hues.If you have blonde hair, then you will approach a variety of shades of brown and green marsh, golden olive, bright green, all purple and pale pink tones.

Technique brown eyes makeup for different occasions.

To the result was spectacular, you need to pick up 3 shades in one palette (best buy all three in a mosaic).

right makeup for brown eyes in 3 colors: the lightest we p

ut under the brow and in the inner corners of the eyes.Darkest use to sum up the century, or to create the dark corners of the eyes.Middle shade serves as a link between the other two.All lines must be carefully shaded, this is best suited oval brush made of natural hair.Supply line of the century is best sharpened thin sponge to achieve the most precise line.When evening makeup darkest shade can be used to put a shadow on the crease of the eye - such eyes will look especially expressive.

Evening beautiful makeup for brown eyes should be bright, so you can confidently use an extra liner black or chocolate brown or a bright eyeliner.For evening make-up can safely use color with sequins.For a party or event, you can make a bright beautiful makeup for brown eyes in "kochashem" style.To do this, lift the bright glossy line liner over the eye, slightly lengthen it.

East makeup for brown eyes.

This type of makeup is simply created for all shades of brown eyes.Before embarking on a make-up, you need to tidy eyebrows.To this beautiful makeup for brown eyes looked impressive, eyebrows should be dark and clear.To this end, the spaces between them need special paint brown pencil or shadow.

eye makeup oriental-style select matte or pearl colors.If your eyes have a tinge of the tea-brown to black, then you should choose the blue, turquoise, red, pink, yellow, emerald green or chocolate brown shade.If your eyes are light blue or greenish, then you should choose golden sand, gray, lilac, pink or purple.

How to draw Arab eyes take a broad brush and very densely cause
shade on the upper eyelid and under the lower lash line.It is best to use several colors - so makeup will look very bright and rich.Then comes the turn of eyeliner - it should be cut around the lower eyelid, giving the eyes an almond shape.Then again lead round eyes with dark shadows.Arrows can be very different - they can go behind the eye, extending them, and can only repeat it.At the end you need to make up thick upper and lower lashes mascara - and seductive Arabic makeup ready.

To make-up was perfect, predaritelnaya necessary training (especially summing arrows) but, in the end, the result will exceed all your expectations.