Cosmetics for young skin: Peach to stay smooth

person - a reflection of the human soul.And if you care for it, to indulge, then it will be an excellent "calling card" for all.

However, each age has its own characteristics associated with the care of skin.So, the woman's face, which is more than 30 years, needs intensive hydration, older age involves fighting wrinkles and young dermis ... Yes, in this article we will give advice on care, as well as find out why a special cosmetics for young skinwhat to do in order to keep it as long as possible as smooth as a peach.

Variety creams

course, face women of all ages in need of moisture.If it is not carried out, then what would be of good quality was no skin, it will ogrubevat, shrivel due to lack of moisture.The man is 75% of the water, and if it is lacking, the general condition is deteriorating due to dehydration.Trying not to drink fluids throughout the day, you will feel that "feels" the skin, if not moistened.

These feelings are not the most pleasant, so focus on that cream for young skin -

a mandatory step in the care.

we are interested nutrients and moisturizers.Nourishing Cream helps to saturate the dermis, making it more elastic and level surface stratum corneum, acting on the underlying processes occurring beneath.

is only necessary if the skin exposed to harmful environmental factors such as gusty, strong winds, low air temperatures, or ultraviolet rays.To counter this adverse effect is possible by means of nutritious, special-purpose creams.

Moisturizers are aimed at filling the skin with moisture, they do not have many features.These are creams that are used every day, morning and evening after cleansing.

the environment and protecting the dermis

cosmetics for young skin requires a minimum number of "heavy" additional components.However, to protect the face from harmful factors, sometimes it is necessary to resort to a "multi-functional" creams:

  • tools with SPF-factor.Exposure to UV light triggers the adverse processes in the skin, searing her.If this did not resist, then every year a person is aging more intense: there are fine lines, there is laxity.Immediately after such a peeling sunburn manifests because severe dehydration.To avoid this, you need to use during solar activity cream with SPF protection.Level it is different and depends on the location of the use of the woman, if this is the beach, then protection must be from 30 units.If the conditions of the city, then by 15. For example, in a series of Vichy Normaderm released a cream.In addition obereganiya skin from the sun's rays, it also mattes.Do not forget that the young skin eyes also need this protection.Funds for this region differ from those intended for all persons, and the company offers a product Wish with a protective factor of 8.
  • cream for the cold season.Cosmetics for young skin requires protection in winter.As these funds are the nourishing cream to prevent peeling and "wrinkling" of the dermis.Not surprisingly, if you find a sagging skin at a young age after a long stay in the cold.Low temperature - stress factor, the effect of which is easily removable by a nourishing cream.Such cosmetics for young skin may contain light herbal extracts of chamomile or other plants.Cream Mary Kay «Superior moisturizing renewing nourishing" has just such properties, and even includes a liposome, which is why it is desirable to store in a cool place.

humidification system maintenance

In order to keep the dermis in good shape, you need to use daily cleansing and moisturizing.They will help to consistently have a good turgor.It should be noted that a cream containing dimethicone, can clog pores and, therefore, for the young, but the problem skin, it is best to avoid cream based on it.This means the day released a "Green Mama" - "Clean skin" cranberries and succession.It is good herbal composition (in so far as generally allows cosmetics), and is designed for sensitive and combination skin.For a young person, and it can be applied in the morning and evening, despite the fact that it is daytime.

Hydration should not be overloaded with unnecessary components that are added to smooth wrinkles or get rid of acne.They should be used, in addition, but not as a means of primary care.

masks for young skin

mixes, which will be described below, are designed to maintain turgor in good condition.

  • Grate the cucumber pulp, add the parsley and whey.Then apply on face and wait about 10 minutes.This mask will bleach the skin and improve tone.Take
  • increased fat sour cream, mixed with strawberries and lubricate the face.Leave on for 8 minutes, then rinse with water.This mask nourishes the dermis.
  • clay mixture is also very good tone, and most importantly - a deep clean.It is necessary to dilute the clay with water to the consistency of porridge, and then follow the same steps that are mentioned above.Time such a mask on the face should not exceed 15 minutes.