Makeup and shadow for brown eyes

in eye makeup has a special role, they first look around, so it is important to correct accents in an integral manner.Pencil eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara - are the main tools for decorative design glowing look.They are used in combination or in part, but the shadows are usually present in makeup.Most often pick up the shade under the eye color and skin tone.

fortunate most?Of course, brown-eyed girls and women.This color of the iris, even without makeup makes a face expressive and fresh.In addition, the shadows for brown eyes can be taken from any palette.It is important to choose the right shades, combined with each other.Saturation and brightness make-up is determined by the time and place of stay.How to choose eye shadow to look attractive and appropriate to the situation?Pay attention to the make-up tips, fashionable colors of clothing and shade their own eyes and hair.

Brown is so neutral that it combines with almost all colors except orange, brown-eyed girl which looks tearful.Shadow brown e

yes preferable to choose, given the tone of the iris.It shades the eyes are crucial when choosing a color palette of shadows.

If the eyes are dark brown, do not repeat the color in the shadows, especially matte makeup get too gloomy.Dark eyes are usually brunettes with beige complexion, in such cases, beige and sand palette, peach and brown.Well illuminated view, especially in the evening make-up, silver-gray shade with a metallic shimmering brilliance.

shadows for brown eyes bright, honey-colored, it is advisable to choose the color of chocolate, caramel and golden.In conjunction with the technique of superimposing makeup smoky eyes in such a frame radiate gentle heat.With dark skin will be successful olive brown color scheme with black eyeliner.

special mystery lies in the green-brown eyes.They go with the feline form of eye curvature, which can be done using a contour pencil and eyeliner.The golden-green and olive shade fit perfectly under the shade of an eyebrow can put sand sunny beaches, to open the eyes.

brown eyes stand out so brightly on the face of their owner that require especially careful makeup.On the eyelids, apply a moisturizing day cream with melting structure, give it to soak, put the liquid base tonal basis.Then eyeliner will not lose accuracy of the line, and the shadow will not crumble and slide down during the day.The dark areas under the eyes, it is desirable to mask konsillerom.

most beneficial shade eye three-color palette selected.Start the application you need with the most light tone, it covers all the mobile eyelid, soft feather brings barely visible layer to podbrovnogo space.It goes mobile eyelid is shaded by an average tone, the darkest shade along the lash is applied and the plants in crease.All lines must be carefully transition shadow shade, creating a spillover effect colors.Using two shades lighter shade shadow should be applied on the inner half of the century, the outer corner of the eye draw the most intense dark color.

harmoniously combines the shadows for brown eyes with black ink, owners of thick eyelashes are not necessarily in this case to use the contour pencil.If the hair is ashen or reddish hue, you can tint eyelashes brown ink.It is important not to put too much makeup, so as not to overshadow the charming beauty bright brown eyes.