What is the foundation for dry skin?

Tone cream - is an essential part of the arsenal of cosmetic any woman who tries to choose the best cream to look perfect.But buying the most expensive means we do not always pay attention to what type of skin fits one or the other cosmetics.And this is the most important point in the selection of cosmetics.

As with any other type of dry epidermis only suitable specialized tools.Any cream, including the foundation for dry skin should carefully take care and feed her, while not hurting.Dry type differs narrowed pores and tarnish pallor, and low in fat, which is a big problem for many owners of this type of skin.Dry skin with proper care and selection of high-quality assets, can look very nice and does not get old for a long time.

Today the market of cosmetic products, there are many manufacturers that offer a foundation for dry skin.Each company touts its product as the best, but can choose only the woman herself.As in any other case, the quality and reliability of a cream verified by doing a trial

and error.Only with time we will know what suits us and what is not.When choosing a tone means you need to know not only the type of the skin, its features, advantages and disadvantages, but at least the minimum characteristics of the foundation.

important to remember that the maximum shelf life of cosmetic products is not more than 30 months.And creams are no exception.Therefore, choosing a foundation, be sure to consider the information on the tube concerning the date of manufacture of the cream.

We should not forget that the tone cream for dry skin, like any other, must have a degree of protection.In the summer, he is obliged to protect the skin from ulrafioletovyh rays, and have a degree of protection of at least 8 units.In the winter time the cream protects against the cold, wind and weather.For the cream for the summer period it is an essential requirement of its liquid base; then it is easier and more evenly applied to the face, creates a "tight" film, and the skin continues to breathe.

main characteristic features, which should have a foundation for dry skin, are the presence of large amounts of moisturizing ingredients, vitamins (such as A and E) and nutrients.It is very important for each of us.Quality foundation for dry skin should be on a fat basis, with a high degree of protection (as in the winter and in the summer heat), without drying the skin and takes care of him.When choosing a tone means you need to pay attention to cosmetic products, the packaging of which there is a mark "for dry skin".It is much easier your task and will quickly pick up a foundation that is suitable for you.Today, many manufacturers offer creams with hyaluronic acid, which is well on the skin, keeping moisture therein, preventing drying and cracking of the make-up.

Tone Cream for dry skin is not chosen for a day or even a month, for many women it is quite enough for a long time, so, as mentioned earlier, it is necessary to pay attention to his choice.Do not experiment and test different creams, not intended for dry skin - it can hurt her very much, and bring a lot of trouble and diseases (rashes, dermatitis).Yes, and the treatment of dermatitis and not so easy to do.No need to buy pricey creams advertised just because your friend has advised them that has normal skin, and you decided to experiment.Your skin is not worth the sacrifice.

As examples of tonal resources, suitable for dry skin, can be called "Aera Teint Creme Satinee" ("Vichy"), "Alliance Perfect" ("L'Oreal"), "Supermoisture Makeup" ("Clinique") and even domestic" Ballet ".

best solution for any woman, of course, a visit to the beautician, who can analyze the condition of the skin, to tell in detail about the features of dry-type and help to choose the perfect foundation and other cosmetics for the care of dry skin.But if this is not possible, you just need to be attentive to the condition of a person's circumstances, and only acquire proven expertise and time tonal resources, which are able to make you more beautiful and not bring a lot of trouble and problems.Beauty will save the world, and the beauty without health - nothing, so be careful and cautious in the selection of cosmetics, because it is so important for every woman.