Foot Care

Our feet during the day to experience strong load - because they have to withstand the brunt of not only our bodies, but all the other things that we carry with us.As a result - the legs become very tired and swollen.To help prevent these unpleasant consequences can be rigorous and timely foot care.It takes time and effort.Let's see, how to care for your feet?

procedures daily foot care necessarily includes washing, gym, massage and use of moisturizers (nutrients) funds.It is particularly important to pay attention to the skin of the feet.For borrowing purity legs must be washed daily with room temperature water and soap.In the process of cleaning you need to wipe the rough, dry skin with a pumice stone, mainly in the soles and heels.This is followed by gently wipe dry with a clean towel.At the end you want to apply a moisturizing or nourishing care of your feet.

addition, foot care includes a procedure such as a pedicure, you want to spend at least 1 time per month.This process involves cutting or

sawing normal ingrown, thickened, deformed, uneven nails, as well as the removal of corns on the feet and toes.

nails trimmed so that its free end with a clear, straight line.Then they nail file is shaped, slightly rounded at the corners.To conduct this procedure very carefully, as excessive filing can lead to ingrown nails and skin injury.

foot care also includes the careful selection of the right shoe, because they have to endure even the whims of changing fashion - Today we walk on high heels, and tomorrow - on the platform.Therefore it is very important to buy shoes with heels about 3-4 cm, and at least occasionally walk in these shoes - thanks to significantly improve blood circulation, and thus the overall legs.

And finally - foot care is not complete without the use of a variety of baths.


  1. 1-2 tspof baking soda dissolved in one liter of water, add 1 tablespoonsoap or shaving cream, whip lather.Soak your feet in a basin.Steam the legs clear of the rough skin in a circular motion, using a pumice stone.
  2. handful of salt and 1 tablespoonbaking soda dissolved in 3 liters of water at room temperature.Use this tray similar to the above.
  3. 2 tbspa mixture of linseed, chamomile and pine needles pour 1 liter of boiling water.Insist 30 minutes and use as well as the previous ones.
  4. eliminate fatigue legs well help contrasting the bath - hot (about 5 minutes) and cold (about 10 minutes).It is advisable to add salt water and infusions of herbs: 2 tbspspruce needles and salt for the overall normalization of blood circulation;chamomile, linseed, nettle, pine needles - inflammatory processes;1 tbsp.l.salt and 50 grams.lime blossom - with fatigue and edema.

After using the bath feet is required to wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth and grease moisturizing cream, starting with the fingertips and moving higher.Thereafter, it is recommended to do a light massage of the feet.It is worth noting that women with varicose veins or thrombosis, it is contraindicated.

Foot Massage

Through regular massage, the skin on your feet for a long time is smooth and elastic.We need to take two dry brush with a medium stiff bristles, and at the same time rubbing their legs in circular, confident movements - from the feet, moving up to the hips.Massage should be done as long as the skin is not red.At the end you need to use a moisturizing or nourishing cream for the body.

By regularly carrying out these simple procedures, each woman becomes the owner of the beautiful feet, attracts the attention of everyone around.