Tint: dry, normal, oily skin (matting cream)

rapidly growing fashion industry from the pages of glossy magazines has penetrated almost every home.And very young girl, trying to look as stylish as the model in the picture, is applied to own face more cosmetics.In this article we will try to analyze in detail why you need a foundation and how to apply it correctly.

main task of any foundation - make the skin more beautiful women.What is the true value of the foundation?

  • This cosmetic product can effectively mask as minor and major flaws in the skin.With the foundation can make even the color of skin, remove shine, moisturize dry skin and give it a desired matt (matting foundation).
  • Modern properly chosen shades of foundation can adjust, even under your natural skin color.
  • Special ingredients in a cream to protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation.This foundation level labeled with SPF.
  • Use it to visually mask the not too deep wrinkles.
  • Foundations lifting effect well tighten loose skin.
  • With the foundation easily disguise even peeling sk
  • Tone cream protects the skin from the negative effects of the wind, cold and snow.
  • Matting cream to help cope with various disadvantages inherent oily skin, especially in the summer.

We select the foundation for your skin type

Tone Selection tools are beginning to determine the type of skin to which you are going to apply.

Oily skin

foundation (eg, matting cream for oily skin) is very liquid, because it includes a lot of fine powder and a minimum of fat, the liquid substance is obtained thanks to a significant water content.Such funds are sold in glass bottles or jars.An abundance of powder absorbs excess sebum layer on the skin surface, and the long time it remains smooth and silky-matt.The liquid cosmetic substance allows very thin coat of foundation, so it is a good option for oily skin types.If a part of foundation for oily skin contains extracts of liquorice and quince seed, is a real gift for your skin, which in addition to stunning cosmetic effect haze receive protection and extra food.Matting cream - ideal for oily skin.

Dry skin

creams for dry and sensitive skin contain hyaluronic acid, fat and vitamins A, E. Hyaluronic acid provides long-term preservation of moisture in dry skin, and because of it your makeup does not dry out, does not crumble, it is not coveredugly cracks.This cream may be applied to the skin with a thick layer, and the whole day "mask" any flaws.

Normal skin

For this type of skin is enough tonal day makeup, a so-called day cream with pigments.It does not burden the skin, giving it a more even tone.In the summer, maybe for the T-zone may be required matting cream.

inflamed skin

for problem skin tone cream is made with a high content of masking powder and pigments.This tool is able to cover the dense layer of the skin and hide the most problematic places, which is especially important for shy teens.Buying foundation for the diseased skin, choose a product containing microscopic grains of powder, antibacterial additives (such as philodendron extract) to help heal blackheads, pimples and acne.Qualitative foundation collects about then, makes them invisible (lighter), evenly distributed over the surface of a person who becomes a visually fresh and tender.

Mature skin

woman at any age tends to look beautiful.And if in his youth all hide pimples, it is necessary to mask the age wrinkles.For mature skin with wrinkles have already shown the best fit liquid foundation.It is perfectly evens the complexion, nourishes the skin all day, while increasing its elasticity.Align helps skin creams contained in the pigments of wheat protein and chitin, prisoners in a moist capsule shell, which makes pigments settle in wrinkles.In some cases, the owners of the mature oily skin and may need more delustering cream.