Glycerin soap: cooking technique

Glycerin soap is much softer than usual because one of its main components is a wonderful moisturizer - glycerol.Mostly it is transparent or translucent, but there are exceptions.Everything depends on the preparation technology and was the foundation materials.This kind of soap is different from all the other natural ingredients.Being a liquid by pouring it allows you to create a unique complex forms and unique decorative effects.

can cook their own glycerine soap from scratch at home.The process is feasible, but would require a lot of time.Learning technologies soap making can do without professional master classes.In general, this is a very interesting exercise.If you feel inspired to start the creative work and in your head is full of original ideas, we can safely proceed to the process of soap making.

You will need a solid baby soap (it has no additives, is the most natural and beneficial to the skin), or any other (you can use the remnants of different bars of soap), glycerin, alcohol, sugar,

water, olive oil or sunflower oil, ready Glycerinesoaps (for decorative purposes), several natural essential oils.Way, create a fragrance soap can not only with oils.Some perfumes for this purpose, which gives even more persistent odors.A matter of taste.

Finely grate bar of baby soap (or another that is available) in an enamel bowl, fill it with a cup of boiling water until it is completely covered with shavings.Put the dishes on the steam bath and cook on low heat mass until its complete dissolution.Then add a solution of alcohol (preferably ethanol) in a volume half that of soap.The mixture begins to foam, so it should cover and, occasionally opening the it, stirring with a spoon.

sugar (by weight - a quarter of soap) and water (10% by weight of soap) to prepare a syrup, pour it in bulk.Add the glycerin (15% by weight of soap).If desired, it added a little vegetable oil.Cook a little longer, until the mixture will become transparent shade.Check Transparency can, dropping a weight on the glass (glass fit).If you notice the haze, you can add a little alcohol solution or syrup.This will help to achieve the required level of transparency.On top of the soap mass will be thick foam, which is easy to get rid of a simple strainer.This will be the basis for the soap.To change the color bases used food dyes, by means of which it can be given absolutely any color.

Glycerine soap in the composition of the ingredients depending on your goal may have different components.For example, if you want to cook the soap was peeling effect, you can add ground coffee, oatmeal and coconut.Often used in the preparation of soap dried herbs (chamomile, mint, etc.), Rose petals.Natural dyes can serve cinnamon and pine needles.Base solution can be divided into parts, each adding various optional components.

used for making ornaments ready glycerine soap of different colors.You can use a chip out of it, but you can cut the flowers, figures, etc.Prepared decorations need to be expanded into molds (which may be for children pasochki, forms for baking, or other appropriate size items).

right into molds drip a little essential oil, then pour the hot soap in them and drop them in additives (additional ingredients and decorations).

now need to give time to pour the soap.Then get a form and leave to dry for about a week or so.After this time, glycerine soap will be fully usable.