Perhaps one of the simplest and most common ways to make the look more expressive - a painting of eyebrows and eyelashes with a special pencil and mascara.The method, of course, is very easy, but - short-term, as the result will remain only for a few hours.Therefore, women who are looking for a way to make your eyes more beautiful for a long time, is perfect proof paint for eyelashes.The result of its application to persist for several weeks.So let's all the same to see what kind of recourse is to be selected and how it should be the right color of eyelashes?

Eyebrows tinting with special resistant paint - a procedure which, in most cases, carried out in beauty salons.The result lasts about 2-3 weeks, and in some cases - just over a month.Resistant Mascara allows for a long time to forget about the use of mascara, which is very convenient in the summer, when the usual cosmetics poorly kept.Besides, it is very convenient in everyday life, because, by eliminating the need to paint eyelashes, save time o

n makeup.And simply, with painted and expressive eyes, it is possible in any situation to feel confident.

How to choose Mascara?

  1. First of all, you need to choose the right shade of paint: blue, brown, gray, blue and black - the most common options.Although, in many firms can find other shades.
  2. Then select what should be the consistency of Mascara - paste or powder.It is much more convenient to use a paste-like paint, so it is easier to calculate the proportion and mix the desired color.
  3. Naturally, you need to pay attention to the composition means.If you like Mascara contains castor oil and vitamins, it can be taken without hesitation.
  4. course, you should never forget about such things as the expiration date.
  5. And finally - packaging means.Some package designed for one application, others - on repeated use.What is it to buy - you choose.

How should I paint eyelashes?

course, conduct an independent coloring of eyelashes is much easier if you use the help of a friend.Although, if there were no assistants - can do everything alone, turning first cilia in one eye, and then - on the other.

For the procedure required:

  • ceramic, glass or plastic container - it will you stir the paint;
  • rubber gloves;
  • any tool that can protect the skin - Vaseline, fat cream, cotton pads;
  • course itself Mascara.

Now about safety.It must be remembered that in diseases of the eye, or even slightest inflammatory processes carry out the procedure of staining is prohibited.Before using the paint it is absolutely necessary to test for possible allergic reactions to the tool.To do this, simply have to put on the crook of his arm a little colorant, and wash it off after 15 minutes.If during the day did not have itching, redness and other - selected tool can be used.

Before you paint eyelashes, you should carefully read the instructions for use of the dye mixture.Before using the paint itself, under the eyes need to apply a protective cream, so that he did not get on the eyelashes - or will be painted, not all hairs.Then, under the lashes should put napkins or cotton pads.The colorant is applied to the eyelashes dense thick layer and washed off after 15 minutes.During the painting forever be compressed as tightly as possible, and gently tilt the head forward and no substance has got into eyes.