How to do a French manicure technique Ombre

In fact, the French manicure technique Ombre - is familiar to all the gradient.Only he performed in such a way as to emphasize the smile line.The conventional technique involves contrasting the French manicure, clearly traced the tip of the nail, and lacquer-style Ombre soften "smile", will ensure a smooth transition of color from natural white.Of course, nothing prevents to apply color French manicure technique Ombre, for example, highlight the tips of the nails black, red or even make them colorful.

What color is better not to take Ombre?

to make the perfect French manicure technique Ombre need to learn how to combine colors.And for this we turn to the theory.Here in the photo - the color wheel.

Pay attention not only to what the colors are arranged against each other, but also to the fact that in the middle of the circle is pure color, to the center - diluted white, to the edges - black.Thus, we see the orange line stretching from peach to brown.As for the graphic quality nail design, you can t

ake any color of one line and combine it with any color of the other bands, and it will all be harmonious, although they produce a variety of impressions.For example, take a clean bright orange and bright blue.These two colors in the neighborhood will seem even more vivid.But their confusion will gray, they cancel each other, so if you want to use these two colors in a gradient, certainly need transitional colors: green and yellow.For a gradient of two colors of color need to take any of the line, creating transitions from light to dark, or from neighboring, otherwise you risk getting dirt on the nails.

How to do a French manicure Ombre

need for him: varnishes (solid + white or any color of your choice), sponge or foam, nail polish remover, synthetic brushes or cotton swabs, tape - on request.Lucky must have good pigmentation.The sponge is better to take a fine-grained, but not too much.Sponges for cosmetics are usually too dense and do not absorb paint and a sponge for dishes are too large cell, and the gradient looks rough.Best of all - the usual foam packaging.It has a small cell, but at the same time sufficient to absorb polish.Synthetic brush is very convenient to adjust the line at the cuticle and remove any excess varnish, but here you can use any methods which are suitable for you.Thus, the sequence of actions is:

1) prepare nails do a manicure.The most expensive part of the time - is the removal of excess varnish, so you should look for in advance the most convenient option.For example, you can put on the skin around the nails fat cream or the maximum seal skin tape.

2) Lucky strips can be applied directly on a sponge, and can take the cellophane (for example, unnecessary files), draw two stripes on it and a toothpick to mix the border between the two varnishes to achieve a more smooth transition.But if a suitable foam, a special need for this intermediate step no.Varnishes should be applied thickly, partly because they have absorbed.It is possible to completely cover the nail base color, and apply only to the sponge is white.Blotted and quickly moves to create a smooth transition to white, referring to one or two times where you only need a hint of white color, and a lot of times, where the white color should be bright.

3) If you choose two colors - the sponge is applied to the nail.Strong pressure on the sponge should not - so imprinted cell sponges and design gets sloppy.Pressing should be moderate.Then the sponge is removed immediately clear how successful design.It is possible to make several consecutive nails using the same, once deposited on the sponge and varnishes.But it is better for each nail to repeat this process: Varnish sponge, sponge to the nail.Otherwise there is a risk of getting too faint imprint, which will have to completely remodel.

4) When the French manicure Ombre nails ready at all, proceed to the final event: the excess polish on the skin around the nails wash (it better not to delay than a fresh manicure, the easier it is to correct its shortcomings), dried, cover the top.

French manicure technique Ombre: other ways

Airbrush - is another way to make amazing french manicure technique Ombre.Of course, this method is generally available to professionals because the airbrush with a complete set of necessary equipment (compressor, stencils) costs about twenty thousand rubles, and not every woman, even a passionate design on nails, ready to buy a thing such a narrow purpose for personal use.In any case, stretching, done with an airbrush is ideal: a completely invisible, smooth color transitions.Airbrush was invented more than a hundred years ago, for artistic purposes.His appearance has changed, today it is a small device shaped like a pen for writing.He not only spray paint, but also allows you to adjust the density of the spray.

These are the main ways to create modern Ombre effect on the nails.