Covering nail shellac: color palette, application technology, the advantages and disadvantages

Those who do not like to go without nail polish, and at the same time is unable to constantly repaint them, it may be advisable to take advantage of more robust coated shellac.His palette of colors allows you to select an acceptable daily option to create a bright and festive way, taking into account personal preferences.

most popular shades

In the summer, when many office workers are on vacation, bright colors are in high demand.In the salons of great demand all shades of pink, yellow, green, cyan, and magenta.Before a long trip to the resort or just the sea and the most fashionable women trying on his hands and on his feet put shellac.The color palette is usually chosen by a bathing suit or simply taking into account the wardrobe.Yet pastels during holiday seasons are not used.

As for the spring and fall, here, on the contrary, women are forced to comply with the dress code is applied jacket or just dull shades.Those who work without restriction in the choice of clothes, cosmetics and accesso

ries, often use red or dark shades of shellac.Palette on the nails sometimes differ from the color of the bottle (this is due to their lack of transparency).So the group should be selected, considering this feature.


shellac Hypothetically it is quite possible to apply yourself at home.The only caveat to be taken into account at the same time - the high cost of all necessary materials and lamps with which the coating dries.The fact that the shellac hardens only under ultraviolet light.This means that without a special lamp can not do.As a rule, it pays for itself rather quickly, due to the high cost of the coverage in the cabin.But that's not all the costs.You must purchase a base and top coat, which makes manicure durable and resistant to damage.And, of course, need some shades of shellac.His palette is constantly changing, new trendy colors.However, their value does not always give the opportunity to buy new items for use at home.After the vial is designed for a fairly large number of coatings, which is quite acceptable for the interior and not very beneficial for personal use.

As for the technology, it is all quite simple and logical.To begin with nails to be cleaned using a nail polish remover and wipe dry cloth.They are then applied to the lamp base and dried for 2 minutes (each hand separately).As a rule, there is a special timer.The next two layers - a colored coating shellac (palette lets you choose one or more colors).Each must be dried in the same manner as a base.Ends manicure topcoat, which must necessarily be applied to the entire plate, and also on the end of the nail to seal the color.Then again go under the hand lamp.The final touch - using nail polish remover wipes and wash off the sticky layer.Then you can put your hands on the cream, and cuticle area - oil.

Disadvantages coating shellac

color palette of the coating during his appearance on the market has been quite meager.So much choice, unfortunately, did not exist.Manufacturers gel nail for a long time to correct this deficiency, so you can buy virtually any hue.Of the minuses were, perhaps, the difficulties associated with the removal of the coating (this is usually a finger with cotton wool soaked in a special liquid, wrapped in foil, which is not very useful for the skin), as well as the fact that many of the monotony of boring.Who nails grow fast, there is a problem with the need to frequently change the cover.The rest of those who use this tool, they are happy.