Simple and original pigtail "dragon"

Pigtail "dragon" - is an example of a simple and elegant hairstyle, which is equally suitable for girls and women.It looks good with a business suit or dress for summer walks.Hairstyle provides maximum lock of hair, so the head will always look neat, elegant and original.

Pigtail "Dragon" is very simple at home.You will easily be able to braid her own or her daughter.We need only consider a few simple rules.Before beginning braiding, hair must be well comb, not to leave a single node.All locks combed back.In order to better listen to can be a bit of a little water to moisten.

Pigtail "dragon" starts from the top, though, you can start a little closer to his forehead.A small section of hair should be divided into three strands, which will be essential.It starts weaving as well as for the traditional scythe, ie left and right sides alternately overlap with the central.When the first series of manipulations carried out, it is necessary to start adding the other strands in a braid.It is necessary to pi

ck up a small lock of the one hand, attach it to the left and crossed basic strands to the center.Then the same must be done with the right hand.Thus it is necessary to spin up until all the hair will not appear in the queue.

To pigtail "dragon" get a neat and beautiful, you should try to pick up the strands of equal thickness.The thinner they are, the brighter the color pattern will turn out.It is best to pick up the strands to the temporal lobe.

plitenie When the braid is finished, they are fixed or proceed in the usual spit across the length and fastened as usual.

Photo pigtails "dragon" clearly suggest that use this hair is completely under any circumstances.It is perfect as an everyday option for the office, as it can quickly braid in the morning, when suddenly descended on the guests and you do not have time to freshen up.This type of hairstyle will not yield the most luxurious evening styling, because at certain skill "Dragon" gives a very interesting, attractive and elegant.

Decorating a pigtail can be flowers, hairpins, invisible.You can plait a single braid, two or more.Weave does not necessarily start from the middle of the head, you can take the side strands and weave "dragon" on its side.Variants of hair a lot.And they are easily carried out without the help of a barber.Pigtail "dragon" is necessarily useful to all mothers who have daughters.This hairstyle is well-kept hair, not letting them even messed with the most active games.The girls really like when color braiding several such streamers, and the lower part of the hair gathered in a lush tail at the neck and pinned the original flower-hairpin.Weave braid "dragon" can be a circle, from one ear and adding locks are not straight, and along the hairline.The more you show imagination, doing this hairstyle, the more original it out.No matter how you decide to weave the braid, she was beautiful, interesting and attractive.