How to make a bundle on her head for a few minutes?

fashionista in everyone's life there are moments when I want to look sexy and sophisticated at the same time.To create this image of the fatal temptress and conqueror of men's hearts is ideal hairstyle called a fashionable bun.With it, you'll look cute at the same time boldly.How to make yourself a bundle on her head?This hairstyle will require from you a minimum of effort and tools.Owners thick and long hair curls perfect beam to medium hair to make it quite difficult.But on such hair, it will look beautiful and lush.

What tools will be needed to create a hairstyle?

So you need to prepare the following tools - massage brush, small gum studs (the number depends on the density of hair), nail fixation of curls.The beam or bun are simple variants of hairstyles that you can easily make yourself at home.How to make yourself a bundle on her head?This is an issue of interest to the majority of girls.You will be a detailed guide!

How to make a bundle on her head at home?

1. Slightly moisten the hair

with running water.For this purpose is better to use a sprayer.It can be found in any hardware store.If you do not find, you can use an empty bottle of spray from the styling.Wet curls comb comb or smooth hands.

2. Flick walk massage brush along the entire length curls away from the roots to the ends.This brush is not only smooth out the hair, but also solve the problem of too fluffy hair and magnetized.

3. Gently gather the hair on the back of the head, forming a high ponytail.Keep in mind that it must be located exactly in the place where later will bun.

4. Comb the hair is collected using a comb or brush massage.With this beam will turn your neat and smooth.

5. Twist the ponytail in a clockwise direction.You should have a kind of "tight" rope.

6. Now you need to wrap several times around the tail curled hair.The number of turns will depend on the length of the tail.

7. Sticking out of the bun tips should hide under the resultant bundle.

8. Attach the resulting beam of a pair of pins.It should be noted that to secure the thick hair they will need slightly more than thin.

9. To beam as long as possible retain their original appearance, secure it with lacquer.It should give preference to those brands that do not glue the hair, and leave them elastic.

10. If desired, decorate with an original hairstyle with the help of colorful rubber bands or decorative pins.

Add zest to your hair

There are a lot of useful information about how to make a bundle on her head for a few minutes.If you want your hair was different from others, have to dream a little and experiment with its decoration.In general, make it a modicum of his imagination and individuality!