Dye your hair yourself - Advantages and Disadvantages

So you've decided to change the hair color.And pick the appropriate shade and trendy.You now have two options - to entrust this painstaking process specialist or dye your hair yourself.V staining in interior there are several advantages.

stylist will tell you not only the right color, but also a suitable hairstyle.

You learn a lot about how to care for colored hair.In this case, there is about 90% of a guarantee that they will not be burnt or destroyed.

Masters are able to professionally mix different colors so that the result
turned out beautiful.

Some procedures, such as vocational and other highlights, it is recommended only in salons.

About to dye your hair in the salon, also worth considering and if you decide to change your color dramatically, for example, from the burning brunette become a blonde.Or if you dye your hair for the first time and just do not know all the details, as well as the possible reaction of your hair.

But also self-color has its advantages.

It does not take long an

d does not cost much.

you will be able to control the process of painting and abort it if something like

Sometimes bold experiments with color and tones, which will not be solved professional hairdresser, quite justified.

If the color and exposure time you choose for yourself, you will be able to consider all possible nuances.

How to dye your hair at home?

If you decide to dye your hair yourself, you should consider a few things.

much do you have gray hair?If so, you must choose a paint that is 100%
paints gray hair.

If you previously tinted hair with henna or basma, the color may not turn out so, on what you hoped it.

If the hair was previously painted in a dark color, to become a blonde alone can not succeed.Clarifying the paint will not clean dark tone.In this case, you must find the clarifier is designed for this purpose.

rare, thin hair dyed faster than thick.

must begin to apply paint to the back of the head and strands around the face painted last.

Do not overdo the paint, it can ruin your hair.

Immediately after coloring hair is not washed.In this case, the color of the "entrenched" stronger.

To dye your hair yourself, you will need:

  • Deep enough dishes (non-metallic) for mixing, if not provided in the kit has its own.
  • gloves.It is advisable to use a simple transparent.If they are covered with more chemistry, it can damage the hair.
  • Comb.It should be easy to divide the hair strands, suitable model on a long thin handle.
  • fabric on the shoulders.It may be an old towel as paint leave marks.
  • special brush for applying the paint.It is better if it is wide.

If you dye your hair very difficult to rear, can help another mirror.If two mirrors are positioned correctly, the back of the head can be seen quite.

During painting it is advisable not to use metal barrettes, combs, etc.

Sometimes, to achieve a strong lightening, his head wrapped in polythene.So sometimes done in salons, but best not to resort to such a method.Without knowing all the properties of a particular paint can harm your hair.

first makes horizontal partings at the back and below.Then the hair divided into partings vertically from the forehead.

If posechennye tips, or you know that they are dry, apply paint on them last.

Before most dye your hair, make sure that everything is cooked right.

If you want to curl after staining were sparkling and shiny necessarily care for them.You can take advantage of natural resources such as extracts of chamomile and nettle, and many others, or choose a favorite line of care for colored hair.