Do the right eye makeup alone

Every woman at every age wants to be an attractive and well-groomed.To this day it is necessary to use means for skin care, as well as be able to apply the right makeup for the eyes alone.

recommendations beauticians

The first step is to clean the face with a tonic or gel for washing.Then moisturize the skin light cream.After that, it is desirable to apply tonal basis.This should be done lightly and cause quite a bit of money.It is very important that the color tone means to be a natural shade.According to the recommendations of professionals should apply mineral powder to the tone is darker tonal framework.That it will help keep the skin velvety and matte, without letting appear oily sheen.

After the facial skin is fully prepared for application of decorative cosmetics, you need to familiarize yourself with the secrets that will help fulfill the right eye makeup.

So, they are as follows:

  • If a girl likes to sum up his eyes, it is best to do a good outline with a pencil.The reason is that li
    quid eyeliner is extremely difficult to make the perfect finishing touch, and the error may lead to a complete collapse;
  • Perfect soft pencil that just shade;
  • With a white pencil, you can visually change the shape of the eye.Namely - a line of white eye pencil increases, but darker color on the contrary, it obviously narrows;
  • to recommend the use of blue eyes brown or blue pencil, owners of brown eyes the color of chocolate also helps to look more refined;
  • The present make-up professionally done necessarily with eyeliner or eyeliner.Through the use of these funds, the eyes look more deeply expressive and impressive.However, not every woman can independently draw clear lines and do everything wrong.This requires the appropriate experience and practice.

In the event that was chosen to contour pencil to keep in mind the following nuances:

  • always at the ready to be a special applicator to gently feather on error line;
  • pursue a line must be as close as possible to the roots of eyelashes;
  • lower eyelid is not necessary to trace completely before reaching the inner corner of the eye;
  • outer corner of the eye is necessary to trace the full, be sure to follow the shape of the bar is to the eye.

perfect right eye makeup with eyeliner requires special attention and skill.To achieve this, art is guided by the following rules:

  • skin should be degreased and coated substrate under the shadow, then the line will not only unaesthetic spread.In the brush should be slightly means better once again to shake her;
  • hand that you need to hold the line eyeliner must be firmly and confidently.Looking in the mirror, it is necessary to draw a clear line from the inner corner of the eye to the outside;
  • In case turned mistake, it can be removed with a cotton swab.

Professional make-up and make-up can do to face anything.Through this art, for a short period of time can make any girl supermodel.

chic right eye make-up can be done by modern technology Smoky Aes.It's very simple to do, and to cope with a similar task each.So, first of all monochromatic light shadows cover the upper eyelid, then a dark pencil or shadow, preferably dark gray, holding not thick line, which was subsequently shaded.This must be done carefully, and to the outer corners to lift up, making a broad arrow right up to the eyebrows.After that, you must also carry out a narrow black pencil line along the edge of the lower eyelid and also a little shade it.Then tweak the lashes with forceps and make up their black ink.So the right eye makeup is not very long and is practically difficult, just follow the advice is make-up.