Peach oil: Tips for use

There is a category of women and girls, who do all beauty treatments in the salon - master mask is applied to them, and they enjoy without understanding of what these masks are made.And there is another category - those who like to do yourself a mask at home.For them, and is intended article.The subject of our conversation - peach oil.

It can be used for hair and nail and even eyelashes.

should say a few words about the oil - you guessed it, it is made from peaches.More specifically, from the seeds.It is very rich in fatty acids, without which our skin quickly fade.Oleic, palmitic, linoleic - a partial list of the most acid.In addition, the composition includes vitamin B15, which can not only prevent aging, and to fight with the skin exposed to the process already fading.

And vitamins A and E maintain the integrity of the skin and slow the aging process due to the antioxidant and preservative properties.

also includes minerals - iron, phosphorus, calcium and potassium.

How do we use oil peach pi


Most often it is used as part of masks for the face.What is surprising - peach butter moisturizes and prevents premature aging.

The simplest mask - Apply the oil on the night.Instead of a night moisturizer.This mask is especially good for dry skin.

Because the oil is very well absorbed, it can be applied and instead of cream for the eyes - as usual pat, how would you apply the cream.

good way to make your face cream even more effective - to drop a little oil.But not in a vial itself, and in your single portion.You can buy an inexpensive cream, and using this method to saturate it with useful substances.

can make a mask for eyelashes, then they will grow thicker - before going to bed gently spread a small amount of oil on the lashes and leave for an hour and a half.Do not leave it for the night, then it gets in your eyes and in the morning you will have an unpleasant muddy film.You can mix castor oil and peach to enhance the effect.

oil has a pleasant smell, so it can be used as a hygienic lipstick.

If you have dry scalp, or just sensitive - you can rub on half an hour of oil in the skin.Then, of course, you need to wash your hair.Also, this mask promotes rapid hair growth and get rid of dandruff.If you put quite a bit of oil on the hair, it will not be burdening them, and be able to defend against aggressive sun and sea water, for example.So be sure to buy it before you leave.

way, it can be mixed with any other oil, then their useful properties will double (or triple).

Masks can be done with the addition of cream, sour cream, peach pulp, yogurt, bran.

But pure peach butter is an excellent cosmetic.

masks nails with this oil are becoming more and more popular.

If you exfoliate nails - helps mask iodine, lemon juice and peach butter.Peach oil polish is widely used at present.This bath should be taken 10-15 minutes.

If you can get beeswax can be made as follows: melt it, add the peach butter and egg yolk boiled egg.It should get a thick mixture, which we rub into your nails at night.You can enhance the effect by wearing special gloves for the night.

oil gives nails a natural shine, shine and healthy look.Often you can see in the stores, which carried out the master hand massage during manicure, rubbing the oil in the skin, cuticles and nail plate itself.In addition to the aesthetic function and moisturizing oil acts as a shield against infections due to its bactericidal action.

Massage nails with peach butter is desirable to do 2-3 times a day, especially before varnishing.You can add a few drops of other oils - lemon, for example, or lavender oil.