Dry-Dry: user reviews and opinions of doctors

New cosmetic products - deodorant Dry Dry, reviews of which are now available in large numbers and thus significantly different from each other, has attracted a lot of attention.What is Dry-Dry?The salvation of the problem or the problem instead of salvation?

Dry Dry: testimonials from those who have recently started to use the tool

The vast majority of newcomers, recently opened a magical means left of him rave reviews as a deodorant, beautifully overwhelming perspiration and eliminates odors from long.This wonderful drug, in their opinion, makes it perfectly efficient, and most importantly, to quickly overcome the problem of hyperhidrosis (sweating).This group encourages members to great effect to apply antiperspirant twice to forget about the problem for a week.

Dry Dry: reviews of those who have long been familiar with the means

The group members explicitly recognizes that the vehicle is running.Yes, it effectively helps to get rid of sweat, but instead a problem, you get two.First time

s use did give delight and inspire praised advertising confidence.But the application of funds rather problematic, moreover, it smells of alcohol and body odor with time still there, although the armpits are dry.It is necessary to reach the top to enjoy the freshness of Dry Dry is also the usual deodorant.The tool can cause itching and redness of the skin and seals in the armpits.

Dry Dry: reviews of doctors and scientists

This tool belongs to a group of antiperspirants based on aluminum and denatured alcohol.No aluminum-containing deodorants are just a few hours, but at the same time they are not capable of causing hidradenitis (abscess of the sweat glands due to blockage of ductless, which requires surgical intervention).

to due Dry Dry aluminum comes in very large numbers.It is found in most conventional deodorants, but the content of this component is several times lower.Aluminium tends to accumulate in the body, it obstructs ducts, without stopping the secretion of perspiration, which leads to the formation of seals in the armpits (hidradenitis sup-) and even cause breast cancer.

recent study by British scientists have shown a link between the aluminum contained in the body and developing cancer.This element is precipitated in the best mammary glands, leading to the development of cancer.Long before scientists have sounded the alarm that the armpits most actively absorb aluminum, especially if you apply it as part of deodorant immediately after shaving.If we imagine figuratively effect of clogging the pores and sweat glands, which makes it impossible for the natural conclusion of harmful substances, we can understand how dangerous is the use of antiperspirants.

Dry Dry: reviews and expert opinion

Marina G. Borgoyakova (doctor, dermatologist, MD) said so.If you really have a problem sweating, then you should know that it can only be eliminated with the help of medication.No cosmetics (including Dry Dry) eliminate the cause of the problem can not.Action antiperspirants aimed at neutralizing the manifestations of this problem.Moreover, they "work", clogging sweat glands and thus preventing the withdrawal of fluid from the body.From a medical point of view, such an effect on the body can not be considered safe.

can help reduce sweating diet excludes from the diet of coffee and chocolate, soft drinks, alcohol, fried, spicy and sweet.These substances contribute to the rapid formation of sebum and sweat, also give them an unpleasant smell.You can make a lotion to the armpits, using hypertonic saline, with a decoction of oak bark.


Apply Dry Dry reviews experienced users of this tool recommend extreme caution, not more often than once or twice a month.Weigh all the "pros" and "cons", and only then buy this antiperspirant.Reviews of Dry Dry, as you see, are contradictory, so as the saying goes, think for yourself, decide for yourself ...