Oriflame company in Ukraine.

Oriflame Ukraine has already gained a reputation as an honest and stable company.People loved her products, and "Oriflame Ukraine" - the number one cosmetic brand in Ukraine.

Already a large number of leaders in Ukraine have built our business with Oriflame and achieved considerable success.And yet a lot more now does only its first steps.

In Ukraine, the company Oriflame is present in all regions and has an office in every city.

path that took Oriflame in Ukraine:

Oriflame came to the Ukrainian market in 1992.First Oriflame products sold through the retail trade system.

In 1997, Oriflame Ukraine begins to work on his usual method of direct sales.This year can be considered the beginning of the work Oriflame in Ukraine as a MLM company.Then began their steps to build an MLM business with Oriflame and the first consultants.

The first issue of the magazine "World of Oriflame."

appeared SO 4 «Oriflame» (offices) with immediate service consultants.That is, you can order products, and immediately

get it.

Oriflame comes to the Western and Eastern Ukraine.He begins work on its entire territory.

appear first director of the company.And the first Golden Director.

company develops in all the years of its activity in Ukraine.

- increase the frequency of the output and quality of the Oriflame catalogs.(Once upon a time they were 4 years old, is now 17)

- improve the service.Offers new design options for payment and receipt of orders

- There are new PPS and SO

- The number of printed materials and working tools

- There are online tools for doing business Oriflame

As a result, more and more consultants is registered Oriflame and kolichesvo leadersincreases.Sales Oriflame growing annually.

number of consultants in the Ukraine, for which Oriflame became the main place of work is growing.

More and more customers prefer cosmetics Oriflame.

In 2008, the cosmetics company Oriflame has updated and improved the marketing plan, adding new levels and increasing premiums.Now the premium level Diamond President Oriflame is 1000000 US dollars!In the same 2008 cosmetics Oriflame Cosmetics has received the status of official Ukrainian National Olympic Team.

Today, almost every Ukrainian knows the company Oriflame as one of the largest and most successful beauty of MLM companies.