The best face cream.

Certainly on the dresser every woman there is not one tube of cream.It's a cosmetic product can significantly improve the condition of the skin, to eliminate its weaknesses and to solve problems.But among the variety of funds to choose the best face cream?You need to know some details to help make the right choice.


Almost all creams sold a pleasure in tubes or in cans.From the point of view of hygiene, considered the most safe packing tube, it allows you to extract the necessary portion, protecting the rest of the funds from the bacteria.If, nevertheless, the choice fell on the cream in a jar, removing it should be a special shovel.

skin type.

Best Face Cream - a tool that is appropriate to your skin.Typically, manufacturers indicate on the package, for what type it is.For example, dry skin is necessary to select a cream containing collagen and elastane, and hyaluronic acid.It allows you to not only moisturize the face, but also to retain moisture long enough time.If you have oily

skin, you should give preference cream with sodarzhaniem extracts of chamomile, yarrow and calendula.A

vitamins E and A will be useful to any type and in any quantity.

choosing the best face cream, remember that in the winter, your skin may be dry, and in the summer on the contrary, more oily than usual.It is therefore necessary to choose the means to care for face and, depending on the season.

purchasing cream, based on the actual condition of the skin.After all, every woman age-related changes may be manifested in different ways, someone before, and someone later.If you have fresh skin, radiating youth and health, do not overload it coenzymes and biologically active components.Best cream in this case should be light in texture and nutrient.But if age problems "face", then purchase cosmetics, designed for mature skin.

Coming to the store for cream, you have a clear idea what you need for your skin: nutrition or hydration.Depending on this, you make the right choice of cosmetic products.

Novosibirsk independent organization dedicated to the development of cosmetics, identified a number of the most useful and effective creams for the face, including the first position occupied by "Face Serum", "Kosmovit" (Russia), "Mask Moisturizing cream», Skindulgence,(USA, Switzerland), "Provencal", "Oil for skin care and body" (Russia), Vichy «Liftactiv Nuit Soin» (France).

To select the cream of wrinkles is necessary to know the list of ingredients that have a beneficial effect on skin rejuvenation.

  • Retinol - the most useful and effective component.By stimulating the production of collagen, it promotes skin elasticity.As a result, it becomes flat and smooth, and wrinkles are visibly reduced.
  • Vitamins A, C, B5, E. to improve blood circulation, they also like Retinol stimulates collagen production.In addition, the vitamins can protect the skin from free radicals and various external factors that have a detrimental effect.In the fight against the first wrinkles should give preference cream with vitamins E and A, and after 35 years - and in

The best in this regard are the following cosmetic products: Clarins «Jeune Longtemps», Lancome Serum «Renergie Morpholift RARE»,Dior «Concentre Multi-Perfection».

It is a sensitive and delicate area around the eyes, for it is possible to identify all the problems associated with health.That is why it needs a competent and systematic maintenance.

How to choose the best eye cream?

When buying tools are guided by their age characteristics.Girls under 30 years is recommended to use a moisturizing cream-gel that maintains the natural condition of the skin.After 30 young ladies should look for funds, fills "youth proteins", iecontaining collagen and elastane.Women over 40 should pay attention to anti-aging creams that have a vast range of activities.

Cosmetic skin care Eyes are divided into night and day.First used only at bedtime.In texture they are more saturated fat, and that helps to remove wrinkles and soothe the skin.

Day creams usually contain substances which, in addition to care and protect the area around the eyes from harmful sunlight.In texture they are a little easier thanks to make-up is applied fairly easy and comfortable.These tools include : «Beaute Intiale Eye» Chanel, La Roche Posay «Active C Eyes», Sisley «Sisleya».