Cosmetics avene: amazing transformation

Avene - cosmetic brand, known throughout the world.The history of its development begins in 1989, when the dermatological laboratory, founded by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, began to make the first cosmetics.

What is unique cosmetics Avene?First of all, it is worth noting that its main components - thermal water and medicinal herbs, which have amazing properties.Even dermatologists in 1736 drew attention to the tremendous effect that has thermal water in the treatment of various skin ailments.Avene thermal spring is located in the south of France, in the mountains of Cevennes, and the water it contains sulphates, bicarbonates, chlorides, fluorides, phosphates, silver, zinc and many other useful minerals that form on the skin and softens the thin protective film.Moreover, the low concentration of minerals and neutral level of pH (7,5) allow the use of thermal water for sensitive skin types.

Medical and decorative cosmetics brands Avene has a moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging and corrective action.The

y are used to treat erythema, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis.Avene cosmetics also effective in skin repair and abuse sunburn, which is confirmed by many clinical trials.

Cosmetics Avene based on water from the thermal source can solve many cosmetic problems.It will help eliminate the burning and redness of the skin after shaving or hair removal, provide comprehensive care after cleansing the skin, surgical and dermatological treatment, and it can be used for fixing makeup.

Medical cosmetics Avene - this emulsions and gels, creams and lotions that are unusually soft, but at the same time to effectively act on the skin.

Professional dermatologists Avene develop products for normal, oily, problematic, sensitive, dry and even children's skin.

modern cosmetics Avene consists of a set series, which are divided according to skin type and age group:

  • Hydrance Optimale - moisturizing cosmetic products (moisturizing and protective cream for various skin types)
  • Cleanance - care of the problem, andoily skin have seboreguliruyuschimi properties
  • Diroseal - helps get rid of rosacea
  • Clean ac - moisturizing and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Cold cream avene - to care for dry skin type
  • Tolerance Extreme - for care prone to allergic reactions and especiallysensitive skin
  • Trixera + Selectiose - are used in atopic skin
  • Cicalfate - drugs have antibacterial properties and are intended for skin prone to irritation
  • Ystheal - to combat the first wrinkles
  • Couvrance -Production medical makeup
  • Sun Care- solar series
  • Antirougeurs - cream to fight skin redness
  • series on care for men (includes shaving and emulsions)

universal remedy for the care of sensitive and problematic skin - a French cosmetics Avene, reviews of which almostalways positive.The most popular thermal water Avene.At first glance, the usual Vodicka gives the skin a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.The second position is occupied by a series of Clearance, which helps women around the world to get rid of tons of such common cosmetic problems like enlarged pores, skin rashes, hypersensitivity or excessive oiliness of the skin.Overall, this is an excellent medical therapy for problematic oily skin.The only cosmetic that has received negative reviews - it's cold cream avene.Many say that it creates on the surface of the face unpleasant film.However, when choosing a cosmetic product Avene note that medical cosmetics is not for everyone, so be sure to consult a dermatologist.